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A Requiem for They Who Maintained Some Semblance of Equilibrium by Quietly Venting Into the Void/

A Very Nullsoft Christmas 2003/
Brennan and Justin Start 2004/Dr. Askave - EP/

Lather, Rinse, Repeat/

Living Under a Mountain/


Milky Goodness/

My Little Bidet/

On The Eve/

On Up On - The Journey/

Shith - Eighty Percent Shit EP/

Songs with Words/

The Thaw/
Yes, Exactly, Yes! - Volume One/
2016-Sep-15: the old man and the c at sidewalk cafe edit  (76199k)
2017-Feb-04: EP F  (15983k)
2018-Jul-31: the old man and the c at parkside  (51129k)
2019-Apr-06: the old man and the c at rockwood  (80972k)
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