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This stuff is stuff I (with a little help from my sister on maybe one or two) made in 2001 and 2002. It should not be listened to by anyone who cares about their ears. It is pretty terrible. Play at your own risk.
2002-Dec-01: bshit2  (4352k)
    Dec 1, 2002 - BShit 2 [160kbps 3:37]
    More of me playing with myself. Recorded drums then guitar
    over them.

2002-Dec-01: bshit1  (5612k)
    Dec 1, 2002 - BShit 1 [160kbps, 4:40]
    Me playing around with a new strat by myself. Recorded
    drums then guitar.

2002-Oct-06: song70redux lotsoffuckups  (4624k)
    Oct 6, 2002 - Song 70 redux [160kbps, 3:51]
    I took a few ideasa from Song 70, and recorded over
    myself some, and messed up a lot, but it has a few
    moments that I like.

2002-Oct-06: fun with dropd  (2089k)
    Oct 6, 2002 - Fun With Drop D [160kbps, 1:44]
    Recorded this at home, guitar no drums.

2002-Oct-05: song70  (2093k)
    Oct 5, 2002 - Song 70 (right after 69) [160kbps, 1:44]
    Erm, more of the same?

2002-Oct-05: song69  (3900k)
    Oct 5, 2002 - Song 69 (dude!) [160kbps, 3:15]
    If I remember correctly, after I moved the drumkit to
    SF, I recorded this with my acoustic. Kinda chill, me

2002-Sep-28: guitar fun at adaras chaos  (1920k)
    Sep 28, 2002 - Guitar Chaos at Adara's [96kbps, 2:40]
    Record over yourself a few too many times, and this is what happens.

2002-Sep-28: guitar fun at adaras 2  (1536k)
    Sep 28, 2002 - Guitar Fun At Adara's 2 [96kbps, 2:08]
    Did this one too. I think one of the few tracks on there
    is her playing to. She actually knows what she's doing,
    but I managed to fuck things up. yeah.

2002-Sep-28: guitar fun at adaras 1  (768k)
    Sep 28, 2002 - Guitar Fun At Adara's 1 [96kbps, 1:04]
    I was visiting my sister, and trying to get her Roland v-mixing
    device thing to work, so I recorded over myself a little.

2002-Sep-25: play3  (4520k)
    Sep 25, 2002 - Untitled 2 [160kbps, 3:46]
    Right after recording the previous one, wanted to
    try a little more. Accomplished that.

2002-Sep-25: play1 longfuckingaround  (5960k)
    Sep 25, 2002 - Untitled [160kbps, 4:58]
    Nearly a year later, 500 miles away, with an actual drumkit
    and a real (albeit shitty) electric guitar that wouldn't
    stay in tune. And a cheapo guitar amp. Just something I
    recorded real quicklike for fun.

2001-Oct-31: halloween casio keyboard overload  (1824k)
    Oct 31, 2001 - Halloween Casio Keyboard Overload [96kbps, 2:32]
    Unfortunately I didn't have a drumkit, nor know how to play one,
    so I played crappy drums on the CS2x, and had a nice sad tune to
    go with it. On halloween. A rough year was to come..

2001-Oct-07: incomplete lambremix2  (696k)
    Oct 7th, 2001 - Lame Lamb Remix #2 [96kbps, 0:58]
    My second remix attempt, didnt do any vocals in it, and did
    a different tune. Lots of reverb, mm. CS2X + their drum loops
    is what was used.

2001-Sep-29: incomplete lambremix1  (2349k)
    Sep 29th, 2001 - Lame Lamb Remix #1 [128kbps, 2:26]
    This was my first stab at doing a remix for lamb's remix compo. I
    never finished it, but I did get it to a point where I liked it.
    I used their samples, and a Yamaha CS2x. Recorded on a Yamaha UW500,
    which I continued to use for most of the rest (until april 2003).

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