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oink. most of these are works in progress....
friday13  (3456k)
Love Somebody (Mastered)  (4907k)
Love Somebody (Mastered v0)  (4946k)
A Little Pop Will Save Us All (Mastered)  (4775k)
A Little Pop Will Save Us All (Mastered v0)  (4703k)
2018-Nov-29: cory sowego  (2185k)
2018-Mar-28: the squeeze  (6964k)
2016-Oct-30: alene i min egen verden  (6355k)
2016-Oct-18: almost got away v3  (4901k)
2007-Aug-03: thefunk  (4734k)
2007-May-15: return of the bidet  (3793k)
2007-Jan-05: birds  (5567k)
2006-Dec-30: madeline  (1664k)
2006-Dec-30: birds  (5567k)
2006-Sep-25: lovesomebody  (4875k)
2006-Sep-25: alittlepopwillsaveusall  (4703k)
2006-Sep-21: alittlepopwillsaveusall  (4643k)
2006-Aug-23: booga manning1vox  (3395k)
2006-Jul-13: lovesomebody  (4875k)
2006-Mar-26: ilovela moreedit  (9874k)
2006-Jan-16: ilovela roughy  (9773k)
2005-Sep-17: untitled feat david wiener  (4687k)
2005-Aug-23: pundits feat Bob Janousek  (4681k)
2005-Aug-21: sentry feat Bob Janousek  (4725k)
2005-Jun-15: good as gold feat dave wiener  (4005k)
2005-May-19: ownership society feat ron  (5041k)
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