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This is a CD that we recorded in an afternoon, and Christophe mixed over the next day or so. We then burned a bunch of copies and proceeded to give them to people. If you are reading this, chances are you didn't get a copy. Copyright (C) 2003 Christophe Thibault, Denzil Kriekenbeek, Jonathan Ward and Justin Frankel. Note that track #4 should be labeled [EXPLICIT LYRICS] (the CD we made had it edited slightly), and if you wish to make the CD like ours, tracks 7-68 should be about 5 seconds long. Furthur note that this album has nothing to do with Nullsoft. Stream all
01 feliz navidad  (2952k)
02 jingle bells  (2114k)
03 frosty the snowman  (2891k)
04 rudolph the red nosed reindeer  (1923k)
05 jingle bell rock  (3028k)
06 silent night  (2531k)
69 jingle bells hidden track  (4230k)
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