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classic favorites:

2009-Jun-30: the vacation - (Jams)
2009-Mar-13: hole in the wall - (Jams)
A Little Pop Will Save Us All (Mastered) - (Songs)
Love Somebody (Mastered) - (Songs)
2007-Jan-05: birds - (Songs)
2005-Sep-17: untitled feat david wiener - (Songs)
2005-Jun-15: good as gold feat dave wiener - (Songs)

lonely instrumentals:
2008-Mar-14: radon - (Alone)
2008-Jan-26: slow - (Alone)
2015-Mar-16: all according to plan - (Alone)
2015-Feb-19: dark rooms - (Alone)
2015-Mar-10: crumbling plaster - (Alone)
2015-Mar-04: lonely disappointed - (Alone)
2014-Nov-06: spheresofwet - (Alone)
2011-Sep-04: woo and the red house - (Alone)
2011-Mar-08: funny days - (Alone)
2011-Mar-06: rainy sad sunday - (Alone)
2014-Oct-21: light and heat - (Alone)
2009-Aug-14: 3101fun - (Alone)
2015-Feb-23: short fuse - (Alone)
2014-Aug-29: something newer - (Alone)
2015-Feb-12: angles and snowflakes - (Alone)

jam instrumentals:
2010-Jul-02: compresso - (Jams)
2006-Aug-23: prutypils - (Jams)

other songs:
2009-Mar-13: good in bed - (Jams)
2006-Dec-28: ode to zb - (Jams)
friday13 - (Songs)

lonely songs:
2012-Jul-26: vimitaybootiaty - (Alone)
2008-Sep-08: kerosene new rough - (Alone)
2008-Mar-30: the last 99 - (Alone)
2007-Oct-30: atthebottom 99 - (Alone)

most recent 250 items:
2017-Apr-18: andy sarai - (Jams/Full)
2017-Apr-15: cory andre anette - (Jams/Full)
2017-Apr-14: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Apr-08: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Apr-07: andre - (Jams/Full)
2017-Apr-07: cory - (Jams/Full)
2017-Apr-06: foreign host - (Alone)
2017-Mar-28: andy sarai - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-26: cory andre - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-23: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-21: andy sarai - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-19: cory andre anette andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-16: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-15: seasonal mess - (Alone)
2017-Mar-14: snow and teak - (Alone)
2017-Mar-11: cory andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-07: sarai andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-05: cory andre - (Jams/Full)
2017-Mar-03: no more of the same - (Alone)
2017-Mar-01: what the heck huh - (Alone)
2017-Feb-28: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Feb-26: cory anette andre - (Jams/Full)
2017-Feb-23: no party affiliation - (Alone)
2017-Feb-22: paint pain pant - (Alone)
2017-Feb-18: cory andre anette aubrey - (Jams/Full)
2017-Feb-17: cory andy - (Jams/Full)
01 hypertheticals - (Albums/Songs with Words)
02 somewhere else - (Albums/Songs with Words)
03 dont tell me - (Albums/Songs with Words)
04 a simple phone call - (Albums/Songs with Words)
05 come over - (Albums/Songs with Words)
06 on the level - (Albums/Songs with Words)
07 dark sky - (Albums/Songs with Words)
08 on tv - (Albums/Songs with Words)
09 across the way - (Albums/Songs with Words)
10 just getting started - (Albums/Songs with Words)
11 walk down the road - (Albums/Songs with Words)
12 what you wanted - (Albums/Songs with Words)
13 not for nothing - (Albums/Songs with Words)
14 the squeeze - (Albums/Songs with Words)
15 in the rain - (Albums/Songs with Words)
16 monster with your name on it - (Albums/Songs with Words)
17 back of mine - (Albums/Songs with Words)
18 free monkey - (Albums/Songs with Words)
2017-Feb-16: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Feb-11: coryanetteandre - (Jams/Full)
2017-Feb-11: not yours to give - (Alone)
2017-Feb-11: no sympathy - (Alone)
2017-Feb-10: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Feb-07: bathprobes - (Alone)
2017-Feb-04: andredoug - (Jams/Full)
2017-Feb-03: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Jan-31: super8 xuck a duck - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-27: cory anette andre - (Jams/Full)
2017-Jan-27: something eh - (Alone)
2017-Jan-27: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Jan-26: angry super8 - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-20: not enough recovery - (Alone)
2017-Jan-18: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Jan-18: warming up with a knot in the stomach - (Alone)
2017-Jan-18: super8 live at brooklyn bowl - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-16: super8 final practice - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-14: andre - (Jams/Full)
2017-Jan-14: super8 selfrec - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-11: super8 ok - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-10: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Jan-09: failure is an option - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-06: super8 headphoneless - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2017-Jan-04: andy - (Jams/Full)
2017-Jan-02: super8 newness - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-31: super8 nynyny - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-28: super8 failing the day away - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-24: super8 rough start - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-21: super8 shorty - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-17: super8 live buggage - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-17: cory andre anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Dec-16: andy - (Jams/Full)
2016-Dec-15: visual distraction - (Alone)
2016-Dec-13: super8 practice - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-07: super8 jam - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-03: super8 more - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Dec-09: andy tadzio - (Jams/Full)
2016-Dec-08: cold afternoon - (Alone)
2016-Dec-07: there is not enough coffee - (Alone)
2016-Dec-03: andre anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Dec-02: andy - (Jams/Full)
2016-Nov-29: almost over - (Alone)
2016-Nov-29: with a web - (Alone)
2016-Nov-27: biderman evan - (Jams/Full)
2016-Nov-27: making due - (Alone)
2016-Nov-17: super8 solo again - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Nov-20: cheeky like a sieve - (Alone)
2016-Nov-19: lost something that did not exist - (Alone)
2016-Nov-18: dropping trou - (Alone)
2016-Nov-13: waiting for unknown object - (Alone)
2016-Nov-14: super8 and spectral hold - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Nov-10: reappropriated - (Alone)
2016-Nov-10: wait wait what - (Alone)
2016-Oct-18: almost got away v2 - (Alone)
2016-Nov-05: before the loss - (Alone)
2016-Nov-05: better the second time - (Alone)
2016-Nov-03: dark sky - (Alone)
2016-Nov-03: somewhat dialed in - (Alone)
2016-Nov-03: choices of the day - (Alone)
2016-Nov-01: just a taste of hope - (Alone)
2016-Nov-01: super to the metal - (Alone)
2016-Oct-30: cory andre anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Oct-30: alene i min egen verden - (Songs)
2016-Oct-27: eyes up here - (Alone)
2016-Oct-23: cory andre - (Jams/Full)
2016-Oct-23: autocrusfxbass with cory and andre - (Jams)
2016-Oct-18: almost got away v3 - (Songs)
2016-Oct-21: low tech bathroom - (Alone)
2016-Oct-21: waste not - (Alone)
2016-Oct-21: crusfx reprise - (Alone/Screwing Around)
2016-Oct-18: almost got away - (Alone)
2016-Oct-17: super8 minimal - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Oct-16: cory anette andre - (Jams/Full)
2016-Oct-12: might be hollow - (Alone)
2016-Oct-12: good signs in sight - (Alone)
2016-Oct-10: on tv - (Alone)
2016-Oct-04: out of the system - (Alone)
2016-Oct-02: cory andre anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Sep-29: the best job in the world - (Alone)
2016-Sep-29: made to lie glitch super8 jams - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Sep-20: live super8ing the day - (Alone/Live_Solo)
2016-Sep-19: not that register - (Alone)
2016-Sep-18: cory ben prospect park - (Jams/Full)
2016-Sep-15: the old man and the c at sidewalk cafe edit - (Albums)
2016-Sep-13: only the best form of cheating - (Alone)
2016-Sep-11: anette andre cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Sep-09: no more wire brushes - (Alone)
2016-Sep-08: the worst man - (Alone)
2016-Sep-07: the end of the show - (Alone)
2016-Sep-02: cory andre anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Aug-31: sarai - (Jams/Full)
2016-Aug-28: andre anette cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Aug-23: what he said - (Alone)
2016-Aug-21: andre cory anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Aug-19: only the fans - (Alone)
2016-Aug-17: i cant believe it took this long - (Alone)
2016-Aug-13: andre cory anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Aug-12: in the mouth - (Alone)
2016-Aug-11: tests of teas - (Alone)
2016-Aug-07: andre anette cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Aug-04: a simple phone call - (Alone)
2016-Aug-03: christophe - (Jams/Full)
2016-Aug-02: please fix the timing kenny - (Alone)
2016-Jul-30: andre cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Jul-30: hard choice - (Alone)
2016-Jul-28: across the river mk2 - (Alone)
2016-Jul-23: captain dan - (Jams)
2016-Jul-26: reeds and pads - (Alone)
2016-Jul-23: coryandre - (Jams/Full)
2016-Jul-20: milk on the floor - (Alone)
2016-Jul-22: like the wind - (Alone)
2016-Jul-22: give me your apples - (Alone)
2016-Jul-14: more reorgs than aol - (Alone)
2016-Jul-14: say goodbye - (Alone)
2016-Jul-13: lost sadly - (Alone)
2016-Jul-12: ballasts away - (Alone)
2016-Jul-07: waiting occasionally - (Alone)
2016-Jul-05: why not - (Alone)
2016-Jul-05: some nerve - (Alone)
2016-Jul-01: cory andre - (Jams/Full)
2016-Jun-25: cory andre - (Jams/Full)
2016-Jun-19: cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Jun-19: where is cory - (Alone)
2016-Jun-16: half a band - (Alone)
2016-Jun-16: the squeeze - (Alone)
2016-Jun-14: jimi - (Jams/Full)
2016-Jun-14: in your ship - (Alone)
2016-Jun-14: cops were called - (Alone)
2016-Jun-12: what you wanted - (Alone)
2016-Jun-03: completely cluless - (Alone)
2016-Jun-01: coryethan - (Jams/Full)
2016-May-29: coryandrejason untitled 1 - (Jams)
2016-May-29: coryandrejason - (Jams/Full)
2016-May-25: slow to follow - (Alone)
2016-May-25: hmm what was that - (Alone)
2016-May-25: i could cut you - (Alone)
2016-May-19: in my head crappy - (Alone)
2016-May-19: walk down the road - (Alone)
2016-May-18: knocking on the back - (Alone)
2016-May-16: unaddressed - (Alone)
2016-May-16: mode of failure - (Alone)
2016-May-16: flute tuning nonsense - (Alone)
2016-May-13: lost on a satellite - (Alone)
2016-May-13: does not properly support - (Alone)
2016-May-13: and more tomorrow - (Alone)
2016-May-12: urnisting - (Alone)
2016-May-12: so the tools dictate - (Alone)
2016-May-10: cory anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-May-09: spanish gifts reassembled - (Alone)
2016-May-07: sarai live at hotwood - (Jams/Full)
2016-May-06: sarai - (Jams/Full)
2016-May-03: sarai - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-23: sarai title unknown - (Jams)
2016-Apr-23: sarai niente - (Jams)
cockokhan test 2 - (Abstract/Nonsense)
cockokhan test 1 - (Abstract/Nonsense)
2016-Apr-24: haha five four - (Alone)
2016-Apr-24: cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-23: sarai - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-20: cory anette drumfoo - (Jams)
2016-Apr-19: cory anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-17: 3choys - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-17: the four corners - (Alone)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane first song untitled edit - (Jams)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane something unclear - (Jams)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane last song - (Jams)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane last light - (Jams)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-13: hello oil - (Alone)
2016-Apr-09: who is buying - (Alone)
2016-Apr-09: sarai shane - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-08: cory anette - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-06: cory libero - (Jams/Full)
2016-Apr-06: untold random - (Alone)
2016-Apr-03: hey wait - (Alone)
2016-Apr-03: pilfering - (Alone)
2016-Apr-03: boxhead - (Alone)
2016-Apr-02: if only it were fools - (Alone)
2016-Mar-31: be back next month - (Alone)
2016-Mar-31: not perfect sense - (Alone)
2016-Mar-29: visualize the point - (Alone)
2016-Mar-25: plans made in earnest - (Alone)
2016-Mar-25: glue of the gods - (Alone)
2016-Mar-24: remove dick completely - (Alone)
2016-Mar-24: that seemed to take - (Alone)
2016-Mar-23: maybe close enough - (Alone)
2016-Mar-23: if you ask nicely - (Alone)
2016-Mar-21: almost backwards - (Alone)
2016-Mar-21: clickity clackit - (Alone)
2016-Mar-21: for which dates - (Alone)
2016-Mar-21: snap of the fingers - (Alone)
2016-Mar-21: what was that - (Alone)
2016-Mar-16: really not sure about it - (Alone)
2016-Mar-16: crawling all over - (Alone)
2016-Mar-16: friends like tomorrow - (Alone)
2016-Mar-16: apart at the seams - (Alone)
2016-Mar-08: ungratified - (Alone)
2016-Mar-06: fluteloops - (Alone)
2016-Mar-06: cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Mar-02: dont tell me - (Alone)
2016-Feb-27: cory - (Jams/Full)
2016-Feb-23: in the rain - (Alone)
2016-Feb-18: invisible glove - (Alone)
2016-Feb-13: opening act - (Jams)
2016-Feb-13: cory - (Jams/Full)
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