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These are some little pieces I've put together for fun. Most of them were less than an hour's worth of work, and I'm playing pretty much all parts on them... so they can be pretty bad, though there is some somewhat listenable stuff around, I tend to think... Maybe someday I'll actually write songs and spend time on the details.. Though I'll probably get some other people involved... anyhoo... Stream all
Old Crap/Screwing Around/
2023-Nov-28: reasons for your decay  (2564k)
2023-Nov-28: need the feel  (2292k)
2023-Nov-28: be there for the end  (4127k)
2023-Nov-09: forgotten meats  (4303k)
2023-Nov-09: forgotten meat  (4303k)
2023-Oct-12: capo time  (4890k)
2023-Oct-06: missing pieces  (2780k)
2023-Oct-05: you drown  (3183k)
2023-Oct-05: miscalculate  (2984k)
2023-Oct-05: heat waves  (3274k)
2023-Sep-11: minimum requirements  (4153k)
2023-Aug-24: all your fears reprise  (3984k)
2023-Jul-25: disengage  (4086k)
2023-Jul-23: relative difficulty  (3421k)
2023-Jul-22: heat the ends  (3814k)
2023-Jul-20: it ends  (4483k)
2023-Jul-12: as rehearsed  (5034k)
2023-Jul-07: plans of the past  (3596k)
2023-May-25: made of glue  (3444k)
2023-May-13: tripping  (3325k)
2023-Apr-04: misover  (3260k)
2022-Dec-27: premature goldilocks  (3404k)
2022-Dec-16: hereby repositioned  (4543k)
2022-Dec-11: the machine weeps  (4395k)
2022-Nov-18: broken again  (4399k)
2022-Nov-15: out of pocket  (5060k)
2022-Nov-13: just two more  (1899k)
2022-Nov-11: what a joke  (3804k)
2022-Nov-11: unadvisable  (4459k)
2022-Nov-10: pull the thread  (4449k)
2022-Oct-13: wiped clean  (3320k)
2022-Sep-22: now we understand reatuned  (4411k)
2022-Sep-20: self imposed  (4453k)
2022-Aug-26: black and blue  (3986k)
2022-Aug-07: now we understand  (4411k)
2022-Jul-18: chosen by the few  (5289k)
2022-Jul-06: infectious thoughts  (5007k)
2022-Jun-02: old as coal  (3857k)
2022-Jun-02: narrows  (4785k)
2022-May-19: highest bid  (4133k)
2022-May-10: my best features  (3483k)
2022-May-05: how low  (4382k)
2022-Apr-30: oh shoe wont you drop  (3623k)
2022-Apr-28: or something less silly  (4902k)
2022-Apr-28: or something  (4902k)
2022-Apr-28: banish the ghost of our past  (4422k)
2022-Apr-21: cosmic background or surrounded  (3606k)
2022-Mar-24: watch your step  (3963k)
2022-Mar-24: find me  (3241k)
2022-Mar-23: old as coal  (4689k)
2022-Mar-18: nothing that will be missed  (2702k)
2022-Mar-08: cruelty of man  (6200k)
2022-Feb-03: tbd  (5500k)
2022-Feb-01: alone and misled  (2984k)
2022-Jan-23: old like coal  (2886k)
2022-Jan-20: old like coal  (3815k)
2021-Dec-24: trees mold  (2967k)
2021-Dec-23: somewhere else  (5312k)
2021-Dec-20: not that  (4875k)
2021-Dec-16: day time  (5326k)
2021-Dec-14: sure i am  (4355k)
2021-Dec-14: pain vs agony  (5337k)
2021-Dec-14: i will forget this  (6089k)
2021-Dec-07: alone at night  (4491k)
2021-Nov-30: irrelevant details  (6695k)
2021-Oct-15: unexpected buster  (1680k)
2021-Oct-15: i dont even know anymore  (2103k)
2021-Oct-12: waiting for buster  (4638k)
2021-Oct-07: stranger at the crossroads  (3395k)
2021-Oct-07: retrofight  (3140k)
2021-Oct-05: face value  (4953k)
2021-Sep-10: black cover v2 dv  (4348k)
2021-Sep-10: black cover v2  (4348k)
2021-Sep-05: black cover doodle  (4454k)
2021-Aug-17: guise of testing  (4153k)
2021-Aug-05: youre surrounded  (4561k)
2021-Jul-27: typecast  (5635k)
2021-Jul-23: nearing the end  (4293k)
2021-Jul-08: interest monopoly  (4032k)
2021-Jun-25: who is that constraint  (5345k)
2021-Jun-22: you are my total time sink  (4458k)
2021-Jun-22: when will you return  (5180k)
2021-Jun-06: rattle from above  (6138k)
2021-Jun-04: inward blow v2  (5824k)
2021-Jun-04: inward blow  (5824k)
2021-Apr-08: who will remember  (4332k)
2021-Mar-27: minor infraction  (3605k)
2021-Mar-16: what used to be  (4384k)
2021-Mar-16: reconfigure the secondary  (3647k)
2021-Mar-08: minimal loneliness  (3775k)
2021-Mar-02: never coming off  (4405k)
2021-Jan-13: how many  (4199k)
2021-Jan-07: hello again  (5159k)
2020-Dec-21: false captivity  (5165k)
2020-Nov-30: the kenny special  (4617k)
2020-Nov-18: round two  (6063k)
2020-Oct-17: wrong turn  (4699k)
2020-Oct-17: wave like you mean it  (4928k)
2020-Oct-12: goodnight kenny  (5254k)
2020-Aug-31: meeting undefined quota  (5294k)
2020-Aug-20: not unexpected nor pleasing  (4806k)
2020-Aug-13: raining in wait humandrums allyourfears  (3744k)
2020-Aug-13: raining in wait  (3709k)
2020-Aug-12: venting some energy home what  (3865k)
2020-Aug-10: our own optimist v2b  (3624k)
2020-Aug-10: our own optimist  (3623k)
2020-Aug-04: reverse the digits  (4769k)
2020-Jul-30: long enough for anybody  (1501k)
2020-Jul-30: kiloton space heater  (6488k)
2020-Jul-23: kidding really  (5158k)
2020-Jul-23: eight six  (4261k)
2020-Jul-14: since you asked  (7061k)
2020-Jul-07: throw it back  (7008k)
2020-Jul-02: there is always tomorrow  (5174k)
2020-Jun-30: sliding forwards  (3654k)
2020-Jun-30: halfway and yet not  (4154k)
2020-Jun-23: that never ending noise  (4797k)
2020-Apr-16: two or three percent wtf  (5114k)
2020-Apr-15: blanking on the date  (3629k)
2020-Apr-14: quick and on video  (3823k)
2020-Apr-10: second thoughts revisited  (5737k)
2020-Apr-10: second opinion  (5860k)
2020-Mar-31: uhrg  (3991k)
2020-Mar-12: what is happening to my brain  (3926k)
2020-Feb-28: not exactitude  (4240k)
2020-Feb-25: remainder  (5310k)
2020-Feb-21: overshot  (7780k)
2020-Jan-14: transient trio  (5563k)
2020-Jan-14: somewhere else novox  (4984k)
2020-Jan-14: somewhere else  (4984k)
2020-Jan-07: anustart  (7339k)
2019-Dec-20: brand new imitation formula  (5356k)
2019-Dec-16: eheheh  (2804k)
2019-Dec-09: comparison quotes  (4721k)
2019-Dec-03: china  (5174k)
2019-Nov-21: welcome to the club  (4900k)
2019-Nov-07: boring the parents  (4714k)
2019-Oct-29: spooky shellfish  (4452k)
2019-Oct-18: stay away quad  (5370k)
2019-Oct-18: stay away  (5370k)
2019-Oct-17: did not get to say goodbye  (6391k)
2019-Oct-15: long gone  (6451k)
2019-Sep-23: hostile hands  (4306k)
2019-Sep-19: think  (6593k)
2019-Sep-17: be nice  (4416k)
2019-Aug-01: at the seams  (3423k)
2019-Aug-01: amateur nation  (3974k)
2019-Jun-26: it has been stronger  (5373k)
2019-Jun-16: in absentia  (5400k)
2019-May-27: long neglectful soul  (3348k)
2019-Apr-11: do not test it  (4653k)
2019-Apr-02: yesterday it would have been a joke  (4465k)
2019-Mar-28: stupidity is around me  (6077k)
2019-Mar-28: i once could spell  (4165k)
2019-Feb-21: you will be fine  (5098k)
2019-Feb-15: too late to regret  (3194k)
2019-Jan-17: may i please lie here  (4151k)
2018-Dec-11: lined up blind  (3853k)
2018-Dec-06: comparative feelings  (1779k)
2018-Dec-03: i drank what  (2006k)
2018-Nov-20: ON alfalfa  (7947k)
2018-Nov-15: snow cozy  (4814k)
2018-Oct-25: stupid all of the tracks  (2770k)
2018-Oct-25: gather round  (4128k)
2018-Oct-10: the means  (4338k)
2018-Sep-19: saywhat  (1765k)
2018-Aug-23: move closer  (4576k)
2018-Aug-23: down deep  (3884k)
2018-Aug-16: cool oneself off  (4571k)
2018-Jul-30: summer cleaning discovery of destruction  (4232k)
2018-Jul-26: waxy theme  (3311k)
2018-Jul-23: huge cheater  (2828k)
2018-Jul-23: a new old friend  (3247k)
2018-Jun-13: who saw nothing  (3863k)
2018-Jun-11: before you die  (4473k)
2018-May-12: pedal away the world  (3394k)
2018-Apr-30: dont come back alone  (4285k)
2018-Apr-25: numerically significant  (5996k)
2018-Apr-25: below grade  (5496k)
2018-Apr-09: so empty  live  (9927k)
2018-Apr-09: a little help  live  (10077k)
2018-Apr-04: unexpected need  (2510k)
2018-Mar-14: small hands cant be dried  (3531k)
2018-Feb-16: fucking inaction  (4844k)
2018-Feb-10: know now  (3000k)
2018-Feb-07: white and cold  (4343k)
2018-Feb-07: season for treason  (4097k)
2018-Feb-07: lines in the sand  (4336k)
2018-Feb-04: what were the words  (3596k)
2018-Feb-04: pass me the phone  (4441k)
2018-Feb-04: cross off and go bust  (3785k)
2018-Feb-04: be afraid before you go  (4232k)
2018-Feb-04: alive but not a friend  (3902k)
2018-Jan-14: treason for a reason  (9815k)
2018-Jan-14: lets get sued  (8490k)
2018-Jan-09: hidden beneath  (3631k)
2018-Jan-02: plenty of years  (4166k)
2017-Dec-19: call murder  (2701k)
2017-Dec-08: crushing me cover doodle  (1273k)
2017-Nov-28: empty eyes  (3884k)
2017-Nov-11: no straw to draw  (2979k)
2017-Nov-07: the tadzios  all hail the homunculus  demo  (3013k)
2017-Nov-06: the tadzios  fit me on your tongue  demo v2  (1947k)
2017-Nov-01: the tadzios  silly boy  demo v2  (2376k)
2017-Oct-23: record it later  (3719k)
2017-Oct-19: say goodbye to yourself  (3324k)
2017-Oct-19: cant be left alone  (3328k)
2017-Oct-12: oh the bios  (3881k)
2017-Sep-17: user error with chris supervision  (3003k)
2017-Sep-05: haunting something  (3368k)
2017-Aug-31: im invisible  (3038k)
2017-Aug-23: kiss goodbye  (3115k)
2017-Aug-23: broken horse  (2859k)
2017-Aug-07: this is windows update  (4344k)
2017-Aug-04: another day another template  (3378k)
2017-Jul-21: you think im crazy  (3147k)
2017-Jul-21: river of sorrow  (3287k)
2017-Jul-21: no news  (3862k)
2017-Jul-18: no business  (3498k)
2017-Jul-17: kickykickkick  (4905k)
2017-Jun-22: three fools  (4143k)
2017-Jun-05: hopeless bone  (4636k)
2017-May-25: where did they go  (3647k)
2017-May-04: war stars  (4346k)
2017-Apr-06: foreign host  (4132k)
2017-Mar-15: seasonal mess  (4259k)
2017-Mar-14: snow and teak  (3103k)
2017-Mar-03: no more of the same  (3426k)
2017-Mar-01: what the heck huh  (4640k)
2017-Feb-23: no party affiliation  (3238k)
2017-Feb-22: paint pain pant  (3799k)
2017-Feb-11: not yours to give  (3068k)
2017-Feb-11: no sympathy  (3156k)
2017-Feb-07: bathprobes  (4448k)
2017-Jan-27: something eh  (2597k)
2017-Jan-20: not enough recovery  (3614k)
2017-Jan-18: warming up with a knot in the stomach  (2702k)
2016-Dec-15: visual distraction  (2788k)
2016-Dec-08: cold afternoon  (3961k)
2016-Dec-07: there is not enough coffee  (4083k)
2016-Nov-29: with a web  (4077k)
2016-Nov-29: almost over  (4947k)
2016-Nov-27: making due  (2682k)
2016-Nov-20: cheeky like a sieve  (3025k)
2016-Nov-19: lost something that did not exist  (4923k)
2016-Nov-18: dropping trou  (2656k)
2016-Nov-13: waiting for unknown object  (3593k)
2016-Nov-10: wait wait what  (3329k)
2016-Nov-10: reappropriated  (3690k)
2016-Nov-05: better the second time  (2652k)
2016-Nov-05: before the loss  (3358k)
2016-Nov-03: somewhat dialed in  (3152k)
2016-Nov-03: dark sky  (3234k)
2016-Nov-03: choices of the day  (2715k)
2016-Nov-01: super to the metal  (3128k)
2016-Nov-01: just a taste of hope  (3264k)
2016-Oct-27: eyes up here  (2736k)
2016-Oct-21: waste not  (3361k)
2016-Oct-21: low tech bathroom  (1617k)
2016-Oct-18: almost got away v2  (4901k)
2016-Oct-18: almost got away  (4895k)
2016-Oct-12: might be hollow  (7225k)
2016-Oct-12: good signs in sight  (4553k)
2016-Oct-10: on tv  (4279k)
2016-Oct-04: out of the system  (3939k)
2016-Sep-29: the best job in the world  (3286k)
2016-Sep-19: not that register  (4079k)
2016-Sep-13: only the best form of cheating  (3308k)
2016-Sep-09: no more wire brushes  (3967k)
2016-Sep-08: the worst man  (3878k)
2016-Sep-07: the end of the show  (3044k)
2016-Aug-23: what he said  (2942k)
2016-Aug-19: only the fans  (2448k)
2016-Aug-17: i cant believe it took this long  (3075k)
2016-Aug-12: in the mouth  (2622k)
2016-Aug-11: tests of teas  (2629k)
2016-Aug-04: a simple phone call  (3100k)
2016-Aug-02: please fix the timing kenny  (4533k)
2016-Jul-30: hard choice  (2527k)
2016-Jul-28: across the river mk2  (4855k)
2016-Jul-26: reeds and pads  (2551k)
2016-Jul-22: like the wind  (3841k)
2016-Jul-22: give me your apples  (2328k)
2016-Jul-20: milk on the floor  (4346k)
2016-Jul-14: say goodbye  (3695k)
2016-Jul-14: more reorgs than aol  (3357k)
2016-Jul-13: lost sadly  (3673k)
2016-Jul-12: ballasts away  (5413k)
2016-Jul-07: waiting occasionally  (2821k)
2016-Jul-05: why not  (2497k)
2016-Jul-05: some nerve  (3380k)
2016-Jun-19: where is cory  (3333k)
2016-Jun-16: the squeeze  (2580k)
2016-Jun-16: half a band  (2917k)
2016-Jun-14: in your ship  (3161k)
2016-Jun-14: cops were called  (1712k)
2016-Jun-12: what you wanted  (3723k)
2016-Jun-03: completely cluless  (5354k)
2016-May-25: slow to follow  (2448k)
2016-May-25: i could cut you  (3151k)
2016-May-25: hmm what was that  (2182k)
2016-May-19: walk down the road  (2702k)
2016-May-19: in my head  crappy  (2563k)
2016-May-18: knocking on the back  (3949k)
2016-May-16: unaddressed  (2889k)
2016-May-16: mode of failure  (4516k)
2016-May-16: flute tuning nonsense  (4415k)
2016-May-13: lost on a satellite  (3814k)
2016-May-13: does not properly support  (6165k)
2016-May-13: and more tomorrow  (3166k)
2016-May-12: urnisting  (2717k)
2016-May-12: so the tools dictate  (3178k)
2016-May-09: spanish gifts reassembled  (1710k)
2016-Apr-24: haha five four  (1136k)
2016-Apr-17: the four corners  (2247k)
2016-Apr-13: hello oil  (2865k)
2016-Apr-09: who is buying  (2415k)
2016-Apr-06: untold random  (1745k)
2016-Apr-03: pilfering  (3055k)
2016-Apr-03: hey wait  (3547k)
2016-Apr-03: boxhead  (2080k)
2016-Apr-02: if only it were fools  (2507k)
2016-Mar-31: not perfect sense  (2444k)
2016-Mar-31: be back next month  (3821k)
2016-Mar-29: visualize the point  (2968k)
2016-Mar-25: plans made in earnest  (3253k)
2016-Mar-25: glue of the gods  (2293k)
2016-Mar-24: that seemed to take  (2781k)
2016-Mar-24: remove dick completely  (3154k)
2016-Mar-23: maybe close enough  (2758k)
2016-Mar-23: if you ask nicely  (4829k)
2016-Mar-21: what was that  (3063k)
2016-Mar-21: snap of the fingers  (3421k)
2016-Mar-21: for which dates  (2924k)
2016-Mar-21: clickity clackit  (2928k)
2016-Mar-21: almost backwards  (2743k)
2016-Mar-16: really not sure about it  (2852k)
2016-Mar-16: friends like tomorrow  (3081k)
2016-Mar-16: crawling all over  (2944k)
2016-Mar-16: apart at the seams  (2846k)
2016-Mar-08: ungratified  (3722k)
2016-Mar-06: fluteloops  (3652k)
2016-Mar-02: dont tell me  (3631k)
2016-Feb-23: in the rain  (2896k)
2016-Feb-18: invisible glove  (3955k)
2016-Feb-06: crank caller  (3870k)
2016-Feb-04: come over  (4203k)
2016-Feb-03: padding the books  (2864k)
2016-Feb-03: just getting started  (4420k)
2016-Feb-02: two oh too  (3374k)
2016-Jan-30: ohcrap again  (4040k)
2016-Jan-30: and a reroute  (2916k)
2016-Jan-28: scoring something  (2548k)
2016-Jan-22: the ways you are mine  (3194k)
2016-Jan-22: finally showing up  (3184k)
2016-Jan-12: stubbornly  (2548k)
2016-Jan-12: keep at it  (5233k)
2016-Jan-12: can touch this  (1995k)
2016-Jan-07: the frozen platter  (3479k)
2016-Jan-07: scatterings  (3746k)
2016-Jan-03: angry mob  (5095k)
2016-Jan-03: I defer  (1569k)
2015-Dec-29: hypertheticals  (4067k)
2015-Dec-29: go on alone  (3263k)
2015-Dec-27: a little more  (2948k)
2015-Dec-23: extra time not desired  (3071k)
2015-Dec-23: across the way  (3817k)
2015-Dec-22: what is the cause  (3208k)
2015-Dec-17: day one  (4743k)
2015-Dec-13: hot day in hell  (3737k)
2015-Dec-03: and a dump truck too  (5012k)
2015-Dec-01: not for nothing  (5259k)
2015-Dec-01: and it breaks  (4753k)
2015-Nov-30: parallelism  (4840k)
2015-Nov-24: split the day  (3979k)
2015-Nov-23: the thingy again  (3534k)
2015-Nov-19: in the bucket  (4277k)
2015-Nov-18: getting through the winter  (3481k)
2015-Nov-18: a level revelation  (2825k)
2015-Nov-13: unfortunate first  (2260k)
2015-Nov-13: the day is long  (3855k)
2015-Nov-13: monster with your name on it  (3887k)
2015-Nov-11: the plan for recording  (4448k)
2015-Nov-11: the messy return of an old friend  (5834k)
2015-Oct-29: neglect of the human condition  (4563k)
2015-Oct-29: make it rain  (4112k)
2015-Oct-27: various northern influence  (3052k)
2015-Oct-26: the sound of ones voice  (1768k)
2015-Oct-26: moon fucker  (1731k)
2015-Oct-26: bloop  (3621k)
2015-Oct-23: urfect  (4532k)
2015-Oct-16: what to do what to want  (3341k)
2015-Oct-15: on the level  (2838k)
2015-Oct-15: it is all true  (3060k)
2015-Oct-13: nana flute  (1384k)
2015-Oct-13: dont stop the train  (3953k)
2015-Oct-11: premature flute  (1686k)
2015-Oct-10: that more flute  (3240k)
2015-Oct-10: somewhere else  (3752k)
2015-Oct-10: old things new  (3499k)
2015-Oct-09: sold defective  (1837k)
2015-Oct-09: bad gain  (2239k)
2015-Oct-09: a decade passed  (3861k)
2015-Oct-08: loud and stupid  (2247k)
2015-Oct-08: free monkey  (5396k)
2015-Oct-08: back of mine  (3598k)
2015-Oct-06: one hand at a time  (4436k)
2015-Oct-06: fearing stuff and things live export  (1856k)
2015-Oct-06: end of the dock  (4145k)
2015-Sep-30: one last hurrah for the ninth time  (4073k)
2015-Sep-28: a continual stream of perspective adjustments  (6217k)
2015-Sep-27: tested  (2541k)
2015-Sep-16: sixteen times  (4722k)
2015-Sep-15: symys  (5835k)
2015-Sep-02: how did i not notice  (4364k)
2015-Sep-01: siri is not listening  (5349k)
2015-Sep-01: crashing wont keep me down  (3010k)
2015-Aug-29: sneaking one in  (4473k)
2015-Aug-21: so many people  (2439k)
2015-Aug-21: barefood quiet tired and noisy  (3573k)
2015-Aug-19: surprised by the legumes  (3860k)
2015-Aug-19: out in the cold  (4964k)
2015-Aug-18: sent away for no good reason  (4828k)
2015-Aug-18: fan appointment  (7845k)
2015-Aug-17: 090206 crying babies reprise  (3410k)
2015-Aug-14: hasty pasting  (3808k)
2015-Aug-14: do not call list really  (4255k)
2015-Aug-13: new friend from the north  (4209k)
2015-Aug-13: messy days  (2186k)
2015-Aug-12: first of five  (2393k)
2015-Aug-11: afraid of the caternet  (5089k)
2015-Jul-31: look away  (5599k)
2015-Jul-28: heat to meat  (4049k)
2015-Jul-21: jerkiness  (5069k)
2015-Jul-21: broken beds  (4495k)
2015-Jul-06: check for weevils  (5275k)
2015-Jul-03: opening windows  (5506k)
2015-Jun-17: long losta cola  (4902k)
2015-Jun-02: there went the block  (8376k)
2015-May-25: the new angle  (3409k)
2015-May-12: and so returns the heat  (6817k)
2015-May-07: they think you are special  (6339k)
2015-May-04: more taint  (5278k)
2015-May-04: go away  (3668k)
2015-May-01: not seventy eight again  (3841k)
2015-Apr-30: last chance for the apes  (6358k)
2015-Apr-23: an incoherent tooth  (10749k)
2015-Apr-21: in need of something  (7493k)
2015-Apr-15: smac reprise  (6164k)
2015-Apr-13: strong men also cry  (4474k)
2015-Apr-10: alternate form  (7865k)
2015-Apr-01: no fools flat  (3964k)
2015-Mar-22: not the odds  (5409k)
2015-Mar-16: imperial odds  (4927k)
2015-Mar-16: all according to plan  (5504k)
2015-Mar-12: gotta have standards  (4011k)
2015-Mar-10: crumbling plaster  (5386k)
2015-Mar-09: meltage  (3994k)
2015-Mar-07: fixing to leave  (4611k)
2015-Mar-07: another day another toilet  (4141k)
2015-Mar-04: lonely disappointed  (3552k)
2015-Feb-23: short fuse  (4388k)
2015-Feb-19: white tighty  (4751k)
2015-Feb-19: dark rooms  (6056k)
2015-Feb-16: not having visions  (5591k)
2015-Feb-12: angles and snowflakes  (4803k)
2015-Feb-04: raccoon hunger  (2627k)
2015-Jan-21: slog  (4134k)
2014-Dec-14: always more  (3177k)
2014-Nov-22: a cold pillar  (6438k)
2014-Nov-18: kiss  (4530k)
2014-Nov-18: bitter  (5074k)
2014-Nov-06: spheresofwet  (5719k)
2014-Oct-29: scheduling  (4475k)
2014-Oct-27: transitioning time  (11902k)
2014-Oct-21: light and heat  (5684k)
2014-Oct-18: oh no itsa g  (4037k)
2014-Oct-10: yossy says  (3015k)
2014-Oct-10: post waltz  (5816k)
2014-Oct-10: open windows falling apart  (6624k)
2014-Oct-10: a quick woodland waltz  (1487k)
2014-Oct-06: possum pocket  (5765k)
2014-Oct-02: back are we and  (3403k)
2014-Aug-29: something over  (6027k)
2014-Aug-29: something newer  (6732k)
2014-Aug-26: damp with envy  (2960k)
2014-Aug-26: boots  (2668k)
2014-Aug-20: nude brick  (5329k)
2014-Aug-19: sundays are far away  (4190k)
2014-Aug-13: hookworms  (4079k)
2014-Jul-08: heartburn  (4574k)
2014-Apr-09: i did what exactly2  (2458k)
2014-Apr-07: not out of time  (3161k)
2014-Apr-02: no joke  (4729k)
2014-Mar-29: temporary  (4521k)
2014-Mar-27: foomacmy  (1513k)
2014-Mar-27: another go  (5200k)
2014-Mar-26: waiting  (4934k)
2014-Mar-24: blerg  (5051k)
2014-Mar-13: fuckinhell wukka wukka  (284k)
2014-Feb-14: four sixty  (4007k)
2013-Dec-18: legasizing  (5218k)
2013-Nov-25: newy warm  (4058k)
2013-Nov-25: more cold  (2411k)
2013-Nov-20: quick defrost  (3943k)
2013-Nov-15: nonsensetup 457 tester  (5113k)
2013-Nov-10: somethingnew  (6716k)
2013-Oct-21: somenonsense  (1676k)
2013-Sep-05: here is the m  (2129k)
2013-Aug-30: burps of joy  (2994k)
2013-Aug-29: as it exits  (4350k)
2013-Aug-24: no do overs  (2653k)
2013-Aug-23: dont lose it  (3021k)
2013-Aug-11: for some reason i do not care  (2574k)
2013-Aug-08: forcing the eight  (3562k)
2013-Jul-22: showering with randomgermanvox  (4369k)
2013-Jul-22: showering  (4297k)
2013-Jul-22: part 18 of 37  (4883k)
2013-Jul-19: brerp  (5091k)
2013-Jul-18: kawha  (5209k)
2013-Jul-03: alldayattendant  (2653k)
2013-Jul-02: chillstache  (8140k)
2013-Jun-29: wo dat  (5870k)
2013-Jun-27: bag of nuts  (4633k)
2013-May-21: hello exp  (5040k)
2013-May-17: bringing back the power pc  (3510k)
2013-May-01: siebzehn  (3602k)
2013-Apr-27: the worse sixth  (14610k)
2013-Apr-25: untz  (2555k)
2013-Apr-19: still wtf  (6137k)
2013-Apr-17: 433 test wonkerings  (5002k)
2013-Apr-16: no end in sight  (3165k)
2013-Apr-10: tangent  (3967k)
2013-Apr-04: a day ahead  (3001k)
2013-Mar-26: derpin  (3801k)
2013-Mar-16: lesrinsp  (7519k)
2013-Mar-10: wok1  (4452k)
2013-Mar-08: transcoastal goodies  (4665k)
2013-Feb-28: wasssatz  (6049k)
2013-Feb-27: hhhhhbbdy  (4427k)
2013-Feb-08: hello nemo  (3738k)
2013-Feb-05: sssstretchy  (4332k)
2013-Feb-04: stretchystretch  (2569k)
2013-Jan-28: bow and dl4 nude  (4218k)
2013-Jan-28: bow and dl4  (4218k)
2013-Jan-23: alittleditty fjords  (3668k)
2013-Jan-08: dodeedo pt 2  (3207k)
2012-Dec-28: usa instrumental  (13754k)
2012-Dec-28: unnatural sex acts  (13754k)
2012-Dec-23: almost w  (5460k)
2012-Dec-20: big d  (2660k)
2012-Dec-16: sur  (4634k)
2012-Dec-14: urm  (2900k)
2012-Dec-05: the big g  (8172k)
2012-Dec-05: pumpkins of doom  (5957k)
2012-Nov-26: heartburn  (3337k)
2012-Nov-07: rc2  (1294k)
2012-Oct-22: boats and stuff  (5790k)
2012-Oct-11: charred red  (2823k)
2012-Oct-07: hmmyes  (7686k)
2012-Sep-28: sl  (3689k)
2012-Aug-27: derdurm  (3649k)
2012-Aug-23: stringywok  (5248k)
2012-Aug-23: dontgo  (4564k)
2012-Aug-22: sleepy confessions  (5275k)
2012-Jul-30: above the fold please  (6120k)
2012-Jul-28: makingcoffee  (4438k)
2012-Jul-26: vimitaybootiaty  (6101k)
2012-Jul-17: hotz  (7377k)
2012-Jul-10: wanked without video  (4289k)
2012-Jul-05: likeamaniac  (5890k)
2012-Jul-05: andandand  (3097k)
2012-Jun-28: word in prog  (2715k)
2012-Jun-27: together we imbibe  (5787k)
2012-Jun-18: enough already  (2646k)
2012-May-29: wankage failage etetc  (3766k)
2012-May-14: in the defense  (3800k)
2012-May-09: ugly albert  (6137k)
2012-May-01: the spring is not much better  (8079k)
2012-Apr-15: out of the last thing  (3855k)
2012-Apr-12: push and poke  (4848k)
2012-Mar-30: hmph number 588  (5089k)
2012-Mar-23: inthemeatofit  (5113k)
2012-Mar-22: cleanfeet  (6917k)
2012-Mar-21: return of bp  (2299k)
2012-Mar-10: shallow  (10950k)
2012-Mar-09: phonein  (4889k)
2012-Mar-01: ilnyapas  (6195k)
2012-Feb-28: staring makes things disappear  (11130k)
2012-Feb-22: bonus points  (6886k)
2012-Feb-15: post brainache  (8966k)
2012-Feb-13: up and shit  (2233k)
2012-Feb-10: happy SAYS  (5843k)
2012-Feb-08: dodeedo  (5955k)
2012-Feb-07: this is it or yl  (7253k)
2012-Jan-30: requires medicinal assistance  (9326k)
2012-Jan-29: bler  (3029k)
2012-Jan-25: 113835 times i love you  (6442k)
2012-Jan-24: sliding down  (6109k)
2012-Jan-20: actout wankery  (3720k)
2012-Jan-19: yaytruthiness  (1904k)
2012-Jan-18: wrecked  (2491k)
2012-Jan-05: newthingy  (6144k)
2012-Jan-03: coldout  (531k)
2011-Dec-31: eve of solitude  (4917k)
2011-Dec-27: nuevoklavier1  (1829k)
2011-Dec-17: another wanking  (4046k)
2011-Dec-09: recording at 12m  (961k)
2011-Sep-04: woo and the red house faster  (4249k)
2011-Sep-04: woo and the red house  (4778k)
2011-Sep-04: just woo  (4778k)
2011-Sep-01: woo and the red house  (4786k)
2011-Aug-04: the elles from 110320 110714  (2982k)
2011-Mar-20: easy time cruncho  (7444k)
2011-Mar-08: funny days  (4778k)
2011-Mar-06: rainy sad sunday  (8565k)
2010-Dec-20: hello broadway  (6689k)
2010-Aug-24: hot as balls  (4716k)
2010-Jul-06: balls at 102  (5559k)
2010-Feb-18: theman  (2669k)
2009-Aug-14: 3101fun  (4265k)
2009-Jun-21: beerinduced  (6818k)
2009-Apr-07: the worst signal chain ever AKA sold out  (4016k)
2009-Feb-06: crying babies  (3384k)
2008-Oct-15: post grump  (8670k)
2008-Sep-08: kerosene new rough  (4357k)
2008-Sep-06: kerosene  (5229k)
2008-Jun-19: demarcate  (3980k)
2008-Jun-03: enoughalready  (3895k)
2008-May-26: thousands of percent  (2965k)
2008-Apr-26: spoorking  (5012k)
2008-Apr-23: actrudo  (3638k)
2008-Mar-30: the last 99 slow  (12859k)
2008-Mar-30: the last 99  (3786k)
2008-Mar-29: not the one  (2614k)
2008-Mar-28: long stretch  (3115k)
2008-Mar-17: newmp  (6297k)
2008-Mar-14: radon  (2773k)
2008-Mar-14: piratesex  (3795k)
2008-Mar-14: delay2  (4231k)
2008-Jan-26: slow  (3176k)
2007-Dec-14: summer  (4108k)
2007-Dec-14: summer novox  (4108k)
2007-Dec-01: bla  (767k)
2007-Nov-15: dzbacoustic  (1986k)
2007-Nov-01: excuses  (3359k)
2007-Oct-31: mayplay  (8325k)
2007-Oct-30: atthebottom  (2304k)
2007-Oct-30: atthebottom 99  (2792k)
2007-Oct-19: bowedsoul  (9047k)
2007-Sep-01: the wonderful boots  (3425k)
2007-Jun-20: deadlast  (7419k)
2007-Jun-14: pianowank  (7370k)
2007-May-30: feedbacklove  (15476k)
2007-Feb-18: downhill  (3313k)
2007-Feb-16: blowjobsrule  (1296k)
2007-Jan-25: turdflying  (1839k)
2006-Dec-29: loopgayness  (2661k)
2006-Dec-26: somenewloopinpoo  (959k)
2006-Dec-17: ebola  (2869k)
2006-Dec-17: ebola edit  (2942k)
2006-Nov-12: funwithmidi  (5184k)
2006-Oct-13: friday the thirteenth  (2063k)
2006-Oct-10: funwithspeed  (379k)
2006-Oct-02: shitdrumrec  (3134k)
2006-Sep-10: poopieditty  (1953k)
2006-Sep-09: tromboning alone  (2933k)
2006-Sep-09: newhornless  (3300k)
2006-Aug-21: booga  (5279k)
2006-Aug-07: alone  (4579k)
2006-Jul-24: tangoofballs work  (4598k)
2006-Jul-07: oopssupermonkeyball  (1039k)
2006-Jun-13: sadsong  (4561k)
2006-Jun-13: foolingaround  (3465k)
2006-Jun-01: bditty  (1597k)
2006-May-02: pointlesspooonyourhands  (3850k)
2006-Apr-26: cheapodrumditty  (1804k)
2006-Apr-23: odetomack  (4475k)
2006-Apr-17: newdoodie  (2094k)
2006-Apr-12: notthefirsttimealone  (3846k)
2006-Mar-15: mandolinditty  (1594k)
2005-Dec-27: newpoo without direction  (2433k)
2005-Dec-21: satanslovesong  (2668k)
2005-Dec-12: noisynastyreaperfunthatfallsapart  (5335k)
2005-Dec-12: noisynastyreaperfunthatfallsapart vocals  (5335k)
2005-Dec-09: somenewtest reaper  (1922k)
2005-Dec-01: proj5 reaper  (3671k)
2005-Nov-28: anp reaper  (3705k)
2005-Sep-24: crapaloneacoustic  (2802k)
2005-Sep-11: steamingpileofpoo  (3206k)
2005-Aug-23: pundits badvox  (3137k)
2005-Aug-22: bladitty  (4737k)
2005-Aug-18: girlinportland  (2458k)
2005-Jul-25: lettertrack  (2864k)
2005-Jul-19: how i feel now  (1955k)
2005-Jul-13: loneparasite reprise  (3616k)
2005-Jun-27: sparseish  (4705k)
2005-Jun-24: sentry instrumental  (4816k)
2005-Jun-23: a distraction from what I wanted  (2830k)
2005-May-18: ownershipsociety draft2  (5041k)
2005-May-18: ownershipsociety draft  (5041k)
2005-May-17: remixfun  (4919k)
2005-May-17: dirtyfilm  (5041k)
2005-May-14: waltzingmylifeaway  (3268k)
2005-May-11: madeofmoog  (2497k)
2005-May-06: painfullycleared  (4654k)
2005-Apr-14: onetakecrap  (4035k)
2005-Mar-01: dittyoutoftune  (5374k)
2005-Feb-17: annoyingfun  (4706k)
2005-Feb-05: jesuditty  (9598k)
2005-Feb-02: newbassjesusonicjam  (4694k)
2005-Feb-01: sofuxed  (3685k)
2005-Jan-29: sadmiditime  (4059k)
2005-Jan-28: sodumb  (2402k)
2005-Jan-18: taxing patience  (2481k)
2005-Jan-16: synthditty  (641k)
2005-Jan-15: thewronggirl songfight terrible  (2585k)
2005-Jan-15: lovelychaos  (4774k)
2005-Jan-14: somefunwithacid  (2281k)
2005-Jan-11: motherfucker  (4681k)
2004-Dec-30: acousticdittydrums  (4687k)
2004-Dec-27: acousticditty  (3123k)
2004-Dec-14: gaysnocapditty  (4046k)
2004-Nov-30: lameshitforme  (5021k)
2004-Nov-17: songbymyself  (4733k)
2004-Sep-09: gayrageband  (1123k)
2004-Jun-17: dittyalone  (4252k)
2004-May-29: JESUSonicfun  (6429k)
2004-May-28: doodle  (6512k)
2004-May-03: jsfun  (2593k)
2004-Apr-24: hungryawful  (4618k)
2004-Apr-23: plunk  (2243k)
    Apr 23, 2004 - Plunk (192kbps, 1:33)
    A quick thing trying to do something a little heavier. I failed
    miserably, the main problem was I couldn't play the drums I wanted
    to play fast enough without fucking up, so I slowed it down a bit
    and it kinda worked. but this one is not as far along as some of the

2004-Apr-20: holyebass2 solo  (5537k)
2004-Apr-20: hmph0  (5662k)
2004-Apr-17: funwiththeebow  (1183k)
    Apr 17, 2004 - Fun With The E-bow (192kbps, 0:49)
    A quick little ditty that started with a bassline, and got some
    crappy drums, and some ebow'ing guitar.

2004-Apr-16: revisitingdejavu  (1950k)
    Apr 16, 2004 - Deja Vu (Revisited 1) (192kbps, 1:21)
    Took an old song (Deja Vu, from June 2003) and tried redoing it.
    This is a partial version, and is just two guitar parts and drums.

2004-Apr-14: lamecrap  (2365k)
    Apr 14, 2004 - Lame Crap (192kbps, 1:38)
    Kinda experimenting with a sound we had at a jam the week
    before. Heh.

2004-Apr-14: booga  (1950k)
    Apr 14, 2004 - Booga (192kbps, 1:21)
    Playing around with some guitar, piano, drums, etc.

2004-Apr-13: mistress rough  (3609k)
    Apr 13, 2004 - Mistress (Rough) (192kbps, 2:30)
    This song has some harsh lyrics, but know that it's being sarcastic
    and more about 17th century royalty than anything having to do with
    me... Enough people I know didn't dig these, so I changed them to
    Lone Parasite, heh.

2004-Apr-07: abunchoffirsttakes  (5662k)
    Apr 7, 2004 - A Bunch Of First Takes (192kbps, 3:55)
    Recorded a guitar riff with a metronome, added bass, drums,
    another guitar track, and called it a quick 30m day.

2004-Apr-05: secondworstmaybe  (4998k)
    Apr 5, 2004 - Second Worst Maybe? (192kbps, 3:28)
    Umm, what can I say. That fancy rotary sound.?

2004-Apr-04: lofi  (971k)
    Apr 4, 2004 - Lofi (192kbps, 0:40)
    A quick little thing made of loops, the drums being from a video
    I recorded on my little Canon S400 of me playing a kiddie drum set
    in a garage at Allison's parents house. Was kinda fun.

2004-Mar-29: splackin  (4542k)
    Mar 29, 2004 - Splackin' (192kbps, 3:09)
    Set up some piano looping, overdubbed once, and then overdubbed some drums.

2004-Mar-08: roninpain  (1515k)
    Mar 8, 2004 - rOn in PAIN (192kbps, 1:03)
    This one I hastily recorded, modeled after something Ian, Rob and I once
    played. While I waas recording this, and the time before when I was just
    fucking around, I gave rOn a headache, hence the title. Personally I like
    this one, how it messes with your head. :)

2004-Feb-02: intentionallywrong  (2753k)
    Feb 2, 2004 - intentionally wrong (192kbps, 1:54)
    Another ACID experiment, this one involved taking highly imperfect samples
    and getting them to sound somewhat decent at a few points. Also had some fun
    with an enveloped resonant filter. hehe.

2003-Oct-27: songish better  (7067k)
    Oct 27, 2003 - Songish (better mix) (192kbps, 4:54)
    OK so this is a bit better mix of two days ago's. Added some effects on the
    guitar, and EQ'd the bass a little. :)

2003-Oct-27: funshit  (7100k)
    Oct 27, 2003 - Fun shit with the slide guitar (192kbps, 4:55)
    Did a drum track (live not sequenced) that's awful, a slightly
    ok bassline, and some slide guitar.
    Had some trauma in failing to record shit I meant to, so if I
    hadn't been lame it'd be slightly better, maybe.

2003-Aug-27: ditty  (3008k)
    Aug 27, 2003 - ditty (64kbps, 6:16)
    Recorded via a video camera, just a guitar and a dl4, chillish.

2003-Aug-22:   pwd  (4797k)
    Aug 22, 2003 - pwd (192kbps, 3:19)
    I played with the DL4's loop capabilities a bit the day before,
    then recorded a crappy drumtrack with it. Weoot.

2003-Aug-03: crap  (4710k)
    Aug 3, 2003 - Crap [192kbps, 3:16]
    I made a poopie all by myself! heh.

2003-Jul-07: halfbroken  (3792k)
    Jul 7, 2003 - Half Borked (192kbps, 2:38)
    Started with drums, then bass, then guitar.
    Really bad at a few parts, but kinda ok other
    times. I kinda like the drums on this one, but
    the other parts suck more. Now I run away to Europe.

2003-Jun-17:   moog fun  (4535k)
    Jun 17, 2003 - Moog Fun (112kbps, 5:23)
    Some more crappy Moog action.

2003-Jun-17:   deja vu  (1904k)
    Jun 17, 2003 - Deja Vu (without lyrics) (112kbps, 2:15)
    Recorded drums, guitar, bass, guitar, then lyrics. Didn't
    include lyrics in this one, cause I can't sing. But I have
    them written and stuff, mostly.

2003-Jun-16: moognoise  (1232k)
    Jun 16, 2003 - Moog Noise (64kbps, 2:33)
    My attempt at C64 music. Heh.

2003-Jun-16: moogditty  (1175k)
    Jun 16, 2003 - Moog Ditty (112kbps, 1:23)
    Moog with my own drums, short little ditty.

2003-May-26:   a bit uncoordinated  (4679k)
    May 26, 2003 - A Bit Uncoordinated (160kbps, 3:53)
    Spent a long time this day playing around. Then I made this
    pretty quicklike. did drums, then guitar (which ended up sucking
    but sounding kinda neat, mmm multihead echo), then bass, then
    another guitar, then some bad bad bad vocals.

2003-May-17:   broke my string  (14110k)
    May 17, 2003 - Broke My String (160kbps, 11:45)
    Started with a guitar loop on the DL4, did some drums,
    then some little lead guitar action.

2003-Apr-27:   driano1  (3546k)
    Apr 27, 2003 - Driano 1 (96kbps, 4:55)
    Was experimenting with drums more like usual, then put
    some chill piano shit over it. Getting my last fix in
    before going out of town for a week, heh.

2003-Apr-23:   teh suck  (2087k)
    Apr 23, 2003 - Teh Suck (96kbps, 2:53)
    A short little song, that went drums->bass->guitar
    I think. Oh yeah, then shitty vocals. At first I tried to
    actually sing, but that was bad, so I redid it talking. The
    words were reflecting how I felt at the time. And I started
    using the crash and the kick together, finally. Heh.

2003-Apr-16:   texas shitstorm (rough)  (2419k)
    Apr 16, 2003 - Texas Shitstorm (rough) (96kbps, 3:21)
    The beginnings of a song. Sort of.

2003-Apr-14:   new motu  (1368k)
    Apr 14, 2003 - Fun w/ the new MOTU [96kbps, 1:54]
    Hooked up the new motu, recorded a crappy drum track,
    then guitar, then bass. fun fun.

2003-Apr-14:   new motu mix2  (1728k)
    Apr 14, 2003 - Fun w/ the new MOTU (chaos mix) (64kbps, 3:36)
    This one has two independent desynched guitar tracks, and is
    kinda lame but good. :)

2003-Apr-09:   stupidness is in me  (1896k)
    Apr 09, 2003 - Stupidness is in Me [96kbps, 2:38]
    Set up everything on a homemade stage in the garage
    (pictures coming soon), and recorded with myself. The drum
    was recorded using a single SM57. Going to get a few
    mics to hang soon. And a motu 896. :) Bothered to put
    the UW500 into 24 bit mode for this one, though the MOTU
    will be nicer anyway.

2003-Mar-15:   I Suck  (6912k)
    Mar 15, 2003 - I Suck [128kbps, 7:12]
    More from the same session as 'I AM NOT ARAB STRAP'
    but worse. Far worse. I dont think I even intended
    for the rhyme to be there.

2003-Mar-15:   I AM NOT ARAB STRAP DAMMIT  (9520k)
    Mar 15, 2003 - I AM NOT ARAB STRAP DAMMIT [128kbps, 9:55]
    This day I got a bass, and a line6 DL4, and set up everything
    in the upstairs of my garage. Recorded a bunch of live stuff,
    using the DL4 for a bass loop. Christophe says my voice sounded
    like Arab Strap. Hence the title. Not that I would equate myself
    with Arab Strap. Arab Strap rulez. I do not. :)

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