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These are clips from jams that we have that have the best resemblance to songs... The jams they are from are in the "Full" area, but reproduced (in short form) here for your listening pleasure. Stream all
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2023-Sep-16: andy  (2227k)
2022-Apr-23: yes exactly yes how low 15x b  (106129k)
2022-Apr-23: yes exactly yes how low 15x  (106105k)
2022-Jan-02: hindenburg addon  (6838k)
2021-Jun-04: amir  (5823k)
2020-Jan-20: andy layers two  (9489k)
2020-Jan-20: andy layers one  (8529k)
2019-Nov-21: the interview  (5165k)
2019-Nov-07: boring the parents  (4713k)
2018-Nov-10: cant see the ground  (7062k)
2018-Sep-12: disappear  (15125k)
2018-Jun-22: jokes on me  (4509k)
2018-May-12: holy stroller  (12940k)
2018-May-02: underneath the frozen sea  (10354k)
2018-May-02: linguistic bubble wrap  (16022k)
2018-Apr-11: jokes on me  (6040k)
2016-Oct-23: autocrusfxbass with cory and andre  (9395k)
2016-Jul-23: captain dan  (9833k)
2016-May-29: coryandrejason untitled 1  (7285k)
2016-Apr-23: sarai title unknown  (4398k)
2016-Apr-23: sarai niente  (2991k)
2016-Apr-20: cory anette drumfoo  (2255k)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane something unclear  (3838k)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane last song  (3809k)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane last light  (6138k)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane first song untitled edit  (5142k)
2016-Feb-13: opening act  (13340k)
2016-Jan-30: chasing the bird  (2907k)
2015-Dec-06: down not out  (4355k)
2013-Mar-20: dittywithchr  (4248k)
2011-Mar-28: blammo with justins alex guy  (11937k)
2011-Feb-18: lost something  (8547k)
2010-Jul-02: compresso  (5870k)
2010-Jul-02: coffee or gin  (3008k)
2010-Jan-19: fuck you dolphins  (19838k)
2009-Oct-21: potato god  (9133k)
2009-Oct-21: freak show for dinner  (6287k)
2009-Sep-30: waves of denial  (10863k)
2009-Sep-25: misinformed  (4717k)
2009-Sep-25: friendly technician  (5676k)
2009-Sep-17: track2  (7977k)
2009-Sep-17: q4nyc  (15537k)
2009-Sep-17: happy hour  (2012k)
2009-Sep-17: feedback  (8361k)
2009-Sep-09: potato god basu  (8630k)
2009-Aug-30: fbnt  (4098k)
2009-Aug-30: riding the waves  (3913k)
2009-Jul-22: foodisgood  (8888k)
2009-Jul-09: giant cheetos  (1010k)
2009-Jun-30: the vacation  (6422k)
2009-Jun-29: cory with drums  (4397k)
2009-Jun-29: causality rough  (8066k)
2009-Jun-29: the letter  (5063k)
2009-Jun-29: sand trap  (6241k)
2009-Jun-29: pity fuck  (4098k)
2009-Jun-29: monkey  (5533k)
2009-Jun-29: cory  (4448k)
2009-Jun-08: super crabs  (8856k)
2009-Mar-13: spit sir  (7914k)
2009-Mar-13: lean in  rough  (6265k)
2009-Mar-13: hole in the wall  (6658k)
2009-Mar-13: good in bed  (5515k)
2009-Feb-11: on the molten airships  (4312k)
2009-Feb-11: fail  (4345k)
2009-Jan-29: pityfuck extended alternate  (8306k)
2009-Jan-29: no money  (9250k)
2008-Dec-21: something amiss  (6748k)
2008-Nov-24: the handy  (5532k)
2008-Nov-24: douchermofos  (2330k)
2008-Nov-15: miles to go  (17737k)
2008-Nov-15: a better venue  (7609k)
2008-Oct-11: superfrenkout  (3576k)
2008-Aug-21: on television  (8156k)
2008-Jul-28: uglyRPP  (5260k)
2008-Jul-28: soul critique  (7392k)
2008-Jul-28: oh no  (6666k)
2008-Jul-20: the right incentive  (10706k)
2008-Jul-20: bramlets revenge  (8816k)
2008-Jul-20: bouncing horny daves  (29061k)
2008-Jul-20: ambien sex zombie extended mix  (10779k)
2008-Jul-09: flailingtruth  (5757k)
2008-Jul-09: devilbabies  (5329k)
2008-May-18: so long  (11042k)
2008-Apr-02: schooled  (8726k)
2008-Mar-04: my temporal lobe  (10614k)
2008-Jan-27: worst sound in the world  (4639k)
2008-Jan-27: newton finds the wah  (6741k)
2007-Dec-29: robodittydoo long  (3691k)
2007-Dec-23: made of meat and screaming sorta  (40751k)
2007-Dec-11: radish jdrums  (1539k)
2007-Sep-19: stretchy  (7203k)
2007-Sep-14: bleeding out your ears  (5125k)
2007-Jul-22: tourguidesdream  (17114k)
2007-Jul-04: from 0408 milkygoodness  (14640k)
2007-Jul-04: from 0408 frequent flier  (3496k)
2007-Jul-01: cutmyself  (7638k)
2007-May-07: ninjam jed seas1  (5170k)
2007-May-04: free turd fridays  (8826k)
2007-Jan-28: turdsong  (5970k)
2007-Jan-28: gremlinsforever  (12373k)
2007-Jan-14: hobos  (7656k)
2006-Dec-31: pity fuck  (2792k)
2006-Dec-31: moving something  (8540k)
2006-Dec-31: pityfuck  (2858k)
2006-Dec-31: craig the ripper  (17034k)
2006-Dec-28: ode to zb  (6338k)
2006-Nov-25: revenge of the horns  (21331k)
2006-Oct-28: ninjam song with irish and anonymous  (9047k)
2006-Sep-17: balls  (15566k)
2006-Sep-13: stupidmotherfuckers  (4062k)
2006-Sep-13: somegrooviness  (6112k)
2006-Aug-23: prutypils  (6144k)
2006-Aug-23: nitty  (4746k)
2006-Aug-23: national anthem cover  (9497k)
2006-Aug-23: bringontheblur  (7064k)
2006-Aug-22: banjoditty  (776k)
2006-Aug-13: blammo  (11024k)
2006-Aug-07: somenewhippymusic trigdrums  (2679k)
2006-Jul-15: chillnesty  (11215k)
2006-Jul-03: odetourkel  (6507k)
2006-Jun-09: jumanisgonnahurl  (5211k)
2006-Jun-09: fuckherinthebutt  (7205k)
2006-Jun-05: superspout  (10766k)
2006-Jun-05: numerotres  (8204k)
2006-Jun-05: clickmonkey  (7144k)
2006-May-27: circuscumsize stgratis songfight  (11589k)
2006-May-14: delayed  (8212k)
2006-May-13: chillin  (19878k)
2006-May-09: ilovela rough  (7872k)
2006-May-09: disconnect  (7170k)
2006-May-09: davedoesportishead  (8834k)
2006-May-09: dave loves jurgens  (7290k)
2006-Apr-05: fuckingrock  (17195k)
2006-Mar-25: tromboneactionanthem  (2353k)
2006-Mar-25: stupidsonggirl  (6387k)
2006-Mar-25: its on  (12289k)
2006-Mar-25: hardrocker  (5564k)
2006-Mar-25: crackinback  (8111k)
2006-Mar-22: bad lz cover  (1256k)
2006-Mar-12: from040825 sexrobot  (12468k)
2006-Mar-01: welcometocockos  (6386k)
2006-Feb-25: spooky  (371k)
2006-Feb-25: somesong  (14851k)
2006-Feb-25: previewofchaos  (12715k)
2006-Feb-15: ridiculous amounts of fx  (8743k)
2006-Jan-22: deathanddestruction  (8107k)
2006-Jan-22: bigspacejam  (11320k)
2005-Dec-23: righthere cryptomail  (3035k)
2005-Dec-16: righthere drums  (3054k)
2005-Dec-14: reaper cutandpaste  (1124k)
2005-Dec-07: somesong  (11430k)
2005-Oct-10: devongirls from aug2005  (3602k)
2005-Jun-07: ninjamsong69  (4817k)
2005-Mar-19: inamericayoudoashot partc  (12302k)
2005-Jan-21: ninjagang songfight  (3601k)
2004-Jul-28: skirt belt  (4704k)
2004-Jul-28: 666 step escalator to hell  (4752k)
2004-Apr-12: jesusballs  (6696k)
    Apr 12, 2004 - Jesus Balls (4:39)
    A duet with me and Brennan.

2004-Mar-13: twophrases lead  (7312k)
    Mar 13, 2004 - Two Phrases Redux (Lead Part) (5:04)
    I lay down a crappy lead guitar track for the previously recorded
    "two phrases". switches to a neat rotary effect halfway through. heh.

2004-Mar-10: ohno  (16050k)
    Mar 10, 2004 - Oh no! (192kbps, 11:08)
    Brennan (on bass) and I (on drums) started playing this, and then
    managed to get rOn out to play guitar on it. heh.

2004-Mar-08: twophrases  (7528k)
    Mar 8, 2004 - Two Phrases (5:13)
    Biderman and I played around with arranging this...

2004-Mar-06: pornwithronanddb2  (3880k)
    Mar 6, 2004 - Porn with rOn and db (pron edit) (192kbps, 3:13)
    This is similar to the "Porn with rOn and db" except it has a real
    pron soundtrack. rOn added it, and it rulez.

2004-Mar-06: pornwithronanddb  (4832k)
    Mar 6, 2004 - Porn with rOn and db (192kbps, 3:21)
    rOn and I accidentally came up with this. It would make good porn music,
    we thought, especially at like 88% speed.

2004-Jan-21: satansong  (6431k)
    Jan 21, 2004 - The Satan Song (192kbps, 4:27)
    This song features Steve on tremolo guitar, Christophe on "organ",
    me on drums, Brennan on bass, and Jonathan and Brennan singing their duet.

2004-Jan-21: drunksteve  (8186k)
    Jan 21, 2004 - Drunk Steve (192kbps, 5:41)
    This is basically a continuation of "Angry Steve" but on a erm, different

2004-Jan-21: angrysteve  (8426k)
    Jan 21, 2004 - Angry Steve (192kbps, 5:51)
    Steve, with the help of some alcohol and humour, gets some anger out.
    Christophe on drums, Brennan on bass, me on guitar, and Jonathan on
    "backup" vocals.

2003-Dec-04: whyareyoudead  (6757k)
    Dec 3, 2003 - Why Are You Dead? (192kbps, 4:41)
    A dumb little song, Fritz on drums.

2003-Dec-04: ronco  (7874k)
    Dec 3, 2003 - Ronco (192kbps, 5:28)
    Fritz's wonderful tribute to the greatest company on earth.

2003-Dec-04: jesuslovesong  (4920k)
    Dec 3, 2003 - Jesus Love Song (192kbps, 3:25)
    My song about loving Jesus in the bedroom, with a beautiful and touching
    piano tune by Fritz.

2003-Dec-01: saxsex  (11105k)
    Dec 1, 2003 - Sax Sex (192kbps, 7:42)
    Dave Newton comes over with his sax, and sex proceeds to happen.
    Not really. Biderman on drums, me on bass.

2003-Nov-19: thepoosong  (8225k)
    Nov 19, 2003 - The Poo Song (192kbps, 5:45)
    Biderman on bass, me on guitar and vocals. Don't listen to this if you
    are offended easily.

2003-Nov-15: stupidhappy  (7292k)
    Nov 15, 2003 - Stupid Happy (formerly "Dirty Shit) (192kbps, 5:29)
    This one with Brennan, David K, and me. a little bit funkay. sorta.
    Redid it a little bit and renamed in jan04.

2003-Nov-15: shutyourmouth  (7747k)
    Nov 15, 2003 - Shut Your Mouth (192kbps, 5:22)
    Brennan on bass/vocals, I'm on drums, special guest David K on guitar.

2003-Aug-22:   loopy  (8208k)
    Aug 22, 2003 - loopy (192kbps, 5:42)
    A jam with Biderman on drums, me on guitar, loopin shit.

2003-Aug-19: ianandrobsong1  (4593k)
    Aug 19, 2003 - Ian and Rob Song 1 (192kbps, 3:11)
    Rob and Ian come over to jam for a few. Ian cooks up
    some drum love, Rob makes bass, and I hit the guitar,

2003-Jun-25:   jam2  (4000k)
    Jun 25, 2003 - Jam 2 (112kbps, 4:10)
    I think Biderman's on drums, Brennan on bass,
    and I think I went a little crazy with some
    Mogwai inspired delay and guitar.

2003-Jun-25:   jam with brennan and biderman  (4955k)
    Jun 25, 2003 - Jam w/ Brennan and Biderman (112kbps, 5:53)
    An ad-hoc jam starring Biderman on guitar, Brennan on drums,
    and me on bass. woot.

2003-Jun-16:   moog and drums  (4732k)
    Jun 16, 2003 - Moog and Drums [112kbps, 5:38]
    Brand new Minimoog Voyager, with Biderman playing the drums.

2003-May-22:   beef orgy with kevin  (10696k)
    May 22, 2003 - Beef Orgy With Kevin (112kbps, 12:44)
    Kevin on drums, me on guitar. Went and added a bassline
    the next day, too. Heh. Went a little nuts with the guitar
    at the end. Kinda neat tho. Mostly crpa.

2003-Apr-18:   too leet  (5160k)
    Apr 18, 2003 - (Jam after work) Too Leet (96kbps, 7:09)
    Biderman drums, Christophe bass, me guitar.

2003-Apr-18:   space orgy  (9952k)
    Apr 18, 2003 - (Jam after work) Space Orgy (128kbps, 10:21)
    Christophe on slide guitar, Biderman on the piano, me on
    drums. The 3rd in a series of long ass pieces.

2003-Apr-18:   one long song  (10799k)
    Apr 18, 2003 - (Jam after work) One Long Song (96kbps, 14:59)
    Christophe on guitar, Biderman on drums, me on bass. long long long.

2003-Apr-18:   biderguitarleet  (2400k)
    Apr 18, 2003 - (Jam after work) Biderguitarleet (96kbps, 3:19)
    I think this one was biderman on guitar, christophe
    on bass, me on drums. maybe.

2003-Jan-26: nsband 31337  (1914k)
    Jan 26, 2003 - Nullsoft Band - 31337 [64kbps, 3:59]
    This is from a Nullsoft Band practice, and on drums is Kevin Larson,
    and I'm on guitar, and I think Francis is playing bass but I might
    have forgotten some. Recorded on a dvcam in the room, so naturally
    sounds like ass.

2003-Jan-20:   justin and francis make heavy metal  (2468k)
    Jan 20, 2003 - Justin and Francis make [not]heavy metal [96kbps 3:25]
    Francis on drums, me on guitar.

2003-Jan-20:   ditty with francis  (2073k)
    Jan 20, 2003 - Ditty With Francis [96kbps, 2:52]
    Francis and I got together for a mini-band-practice.

2002-Nov-15:   nsband   i hate you  (1736k)
    Nov 15, 2002 - I Hate You [64kbps, 3:37]
    This is from the second ever Nullsoft Band practice,
    and is a song that naturally came about. Brennan is on
    mic, I'm on bass, Christophe on guitar, and Francis on
    the drums. Pretty leet. Really. This was actually just
    recorded on the dvcam in the room, so it sounds kinda
    assy. But Christophe on guitar = sexy.

VIDEO: 060429_biderbren.nsv  (13008k)
VIDEO: 060429_brencraig.nsv  (295829k)
VIDEO: meet_the_jesusonic.avi  (69177k)
VIDEO: meet_the_jesusonic_draft2.wmv  (14152k)
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