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These are recordings of full jams. It's really great fun to have people over to play around.. We had some at work, and now we tend to have them on this lovely homebuilt stage we have at the garage. Stream all
2024-Jul-13: andy andre  (122897k)
2024-Jul-13: andy  (77396k)
2024-Jul-11: v  (142830k)
2024-Jul-06: andy andre  (105890k)
2024-Jul-04: andy  (211034k)
2024-Jun-27: v  (176392k)
2024-Jun-21: andy  (147074k)
2024-Jun-18: andy  (172334k)
2024-Jun-16: andy andre  (126579k)
2024-Jun-11: andy  (117489k)
2024-Jun-08: andy v cory sarai amanda  (106437k)
2024-Jun-08: andy  (59689k)
2024-Jun-06: andy sarai  (155342k)
2024-Jun-02: andy  (51939k)
2024-May-29: andy sarai  (158564k)
2024-May-28: v  (91123k)
2024-May-27: andy andre  (117379k)
2024-May-25: andy  (131962k)
2024-May-23: andy  (122342k)
2024-May-19: andy andre  (96303k)
2024-May-16: andy  (117603k)
2024-May-12: andy andre  (126451k)
2024-Apr-28: andy andre  (111286k)
2024-Apr-27: andy  (152568k)
2024-Apr-19: andy  (150424k)
2024-Apr-12: andy  (153848k)
2024-Apr-04: andy  (154646k)
2024-Mar-30: andy tom daniel ethan  (51239k)
2024-Mar-30: andy  (49731k)
2024-Feb-19: andy sarai  (118836k)
2024-Feb-18: andy sarai  (150238k)
2024-Feb-16: andy  (134268k)
2024-Feb-13: andy  (142751k)
2024-Jan-15: andy  (159433k)
2024-Jan-14: andy sarai  (171106k)
2024-Jan-13: andy andre  (136855k)
2024-Jan-06: andy andre  (120691k)
2024-Jan-05: andy  (156131k)
2023-Dec-30: andy cory anette  (155261k)
2023-Dec-26: andy sarai  (141411k)
2023-Dec-23: andy sarai  (171858k)
2023-Dec-22: andy sarai  (155460k)
2023-Dec-19: andy  (152046k)
2023-Dec-03: andy  (145169k)
2023-Nov-29: andy  (148344k)
2023-Nov-19: andy andre  (106630k)
2023-Nov-17: andy  (161188k)
2023-Nov-04: andy  (132952k)
2023-Oct-31: andy  (160245k)
2023-Oct-22: andy cory  (52508k)
2023-Oct-22: andy  (105973k)
2023-Oct-18: andy  (138021k)
2023-Oct-14: andy sarai  (139019k)
2023-Oct-14: andy  (14489k)
2023-Oct-13: andy andre  (79359k)
2023-Oct-13: andy  (13198k)
2023-Oct-08: andy andre  (116534k)
2023-Oct-07: andy andre cory  (149662k)
2023-Oct-01: andy andre  (109974k)
2023-Sep-29: andy  (142510k)
2023-Sep-24: andy andre  (114142k)
2023-Sep-19: andy  (113030k)
2023-Sep-16: andy andre  (127812k)
2023-Sep-13: andy  (151216k)
2023-Sep-09: andy  (169692k)
2023-Sep-03: andy andre  (95835k)
2023-Sep-02: andy  (248806k)
2023-Aug-26: andy andre  (107955k)
2023-Aug-20: andy  (163199k)
2023-Aug-17: andy  (124780k)
2023-Jul-27: andy  (160316k)
2023-Jul-22: andy andre  (120161k)
2023-Jul-15: andy andre  (102798k)
2023-Jul-15: andy  (12885k)
2023-Jul-08: andy  (99970k)
2023-Jul-03: andy  (81824k)
2023-Jun-28: andy sarai  (144528k)
2023-Jun-15: andy  (131741k)
2023-Jun-11: andy andre  (113244k)
2023-Jun-09: andy  (111917k)
2023-May-21: andy andre  (109985k)
2023-May-13: yesexactlyyes live hotwood  (124157k)
2023-May-12: andy  (138812k)
2023-May-08: andy andre  (116797k)
2023-May-06: andy sarai  (184076k)
2023-Apr-30: andy sarai  (128889k)
2023-Apr-13: andy  (119727k)
2023-Apr-08: andy  (177697k)
2023-Apr-01: andy  (139880k)
2023-Mar-23: andy  (133214k)
2023-Mar-17: andy  (146725k)
2023-Mar-07: andy  (143379k)
2023-Feb-02: andy  (170935k)
2023-Jan-31: andy  (170321k)
2022-Dec-31: andy  (171819k)
2022-Dec-30: andy andre  (98145k)
2022-Dec-29: andy  (165475k)
2022-Dec-23: andy andre  (119769k)
2022-Dec-22: andy  (160262k)
2022-Dec-17: andy andre  (126579k)
2022-Dec-15: andy  (137300k)
2022-Nov-26: andy andre  (96069k)
2022-Nov-26: andy  (6161k)
2022-Nov-23: andy  (154960k)
2022-Nov-19: andy andre  (124210k)
2022-Nov-13: andy andre sarai  (125846k)
2022-Nov-11: andy sarai  (175178k)
2022-Oct-30: andy andre  (101336k)
2022-Oct-26: andy sarai  (174306k)
2022-Oct-09: andy andre sarai  (132941k)
2022-Oct-08: andy andre sarai cory  (146875k)
2022-Oct-06: andy  (126648k)
2022-Oct-02: andy sarai  (171657k)
2022-Oct-01: andy andre  (136717k)
2022-Oct-01: andy  (19958k)
2022-Sep-18: andy andre  (129733k)
2022-Sep-10: andy andre  (125792k)
2022-Sep-08: andy  (142815k)
2022-Sep-03: andy andre  (124174k)
2022-Aug-28: andy andre  (94390k)
2022-Aug-17: andy sarai  (173628k)
2022-Aug-16: andy andre  (88452k)
2022-Aug-11: andy  (154938k)
2022-Jul-20: andy  (125704k)
2022-Jul-16: andy andre cory grace yey  (118168k)
2022-Jul-12: andy  (151186k)
2022-Jul-07: andy sarai  (178875k)
2022-Jul-04: andy andre  (112971k)
2022-Jun-26: andy andre cory grace  (57108k)
2022-Jun-26: andy andre  (63084k)
2022-Jun-19: andy  (164506k)
2022-Jun-12: andy  (146815k)
2022-Jun-09: andy  (142254k)
2022-Jun-05: andy andre  (114529k)
2022-May-29: andre  (123804k)
2022-May-22: andy andre cory  (39366k)
2022-May-22: andy andre  (79064k)
2022-May-08: andre  (122384k)
2022-Apr-30: andy andre  (163132k)
2022-Apr-24: andy andre  (116822k)
2022-Mar-26: andy andre  (148850k)
2022-Mar-19: andy andre  (133516k)
2022-Mar-17: andy sarai  (94875k)
2022-Mar-13: andy andre  (120112k)
2022-Mar-09: andy  (144454k)
2022-Mar-05: andy  (136628k)
2022-Mar-04: andy andre  (95786k)
2022-Mar-04: andy  (50306k)
2022-Feb-27: andy  (122153k)
2022-Jan-16: andy  (171304k)
2022-Jan-14: andy cory  (98413k)
2022-Jan-14: andy  (50928k)
2022-Jan-11: andy  (181140k)
2022-Jan-08: andy  (159268k)
2022-Jan-06: andy  (132633k)
2022-Jan-02: andy  (169644k)
2021-Dec-30: andy  (171797k)
2021-Dec-28: andy  (185284k)
2021-Dec-19: andy  (175442k)
2021-Dec-17: andy  (138242k)
2021-Dec-11: andy andre amir  (190017k)
2021-Dec-04: andy  (161850k)
2021-Nov-28: andy andre amir  (145367k)
2021-Nov-22: andy  (133811k)
2021-Nov-20: andy andre amir  (158785k)
2021-Nov-14: andy andre amir  (162098k)
2021-Nov-12: andy  (139919k)
2021-Nov-06: andy sarai  (85001k)
2021-Nov-06: andy andre  (130128k)
2021-Oct-30: andy andre  (124783k)
2021-Oct-23: andy andre  (104977k)
2021-Oct-19: andy andre  (89054k)
2021-Oct-18: andy sarai  (112330k)
2021-Oct-17: andy  (133304k)
2021-Oct-10: andy andre  (132081k)
2021-Oct-09: yes exactly yes live on the pier  (158626k)
2021-Sep-12: andy andre  (117106k)
2021-Aug-29: andy andre  (128732k)
2021-Aug-21: andy andre  (112819k)
2021-Aug-19: andy  (143690k)
2021-Aug-12: andy  (124493k)
2021-Aug-08: andy andre  (138290k)
2021-Aug-01: andy andre  (112774k)
2021-Jul-30: andy  (146438k)
2021-Jul-25: andy andre  (85217k)
2021-Jul-18: andy andre  (110619k)
2021-Jul-11: andy andre  (117593k)
2021-Jul-05: andy andre  (84672k)
2021-Jul-02: andy cory  (83975k)
2021-Jul-02: andy  (80190k)
2021-Jun-27: andy andre  (104462k)
2021-Jun-19: andy andre  (129160k)
2021-Jun-13: andy andre  (123622k)
2021-May-29: andy andre  (126694k)
2021-May-27: andy  (116701k)
2021-May-24: andy andre  (119673k)
2021-May-18: andy  (122083k)
2021-May-16: andy andre  (127453k)
2021-May-13: andy  (154881k)
2021-May-08: andy  (136980k)
2021-May-05: andy  (170661k)
2021-Apr-30: andy  (175261k)
2021-Apr-23: andy  (116838k)
2021-Apr-18: andy  (138623k)
2021-Apr-08: andy sarai  (101349k)
2021-Mar-29: andy sarai  (111533k)
2021-Mar-18: andy sarai  (125834k)
2021-Mar-06: andy sarai  (140566k)
2021-Feb-27: andy  (115075k)
2021-Feb-24: andy  (52201k)
2021-Feb-22: andy sarai  (92659k)
2021-Feb-13: stephanie andy cory  (173737k)
2021-Feb-05: andy cory  (58325k)
2021-Feb-03: andy  (109389k)
2021-Jan-13: sarai andy  (103278k)
2021-Jan-07: andy sarai  (84898k)
2021-Jan-03: andy  (96007k)
2020-Dec-31: andy  (122756k)
2020-Dec-28: andy sarai cory  (195910k)
2020-Dec-21: andy cory ninjam  (68218k)
2020-Dec-21: andy  (80267k)
2020-Dec-13: andy  (82987k)
2020-Dec-12: andy  (64792k)
2020-Dec-05: andy sarai jimmy  (125625k)
2020-Dec-03: andy cory nico  (126789k)
2020-Nov-24: andy  (121554k)
2020-Nov-17: andy sarai  (121547k)
2020-Nov-15: andy sarai  (129859k)
2020-Nov-12: sarai andy  (181618k)
2020-Nov-11: sarai andy  (161406k)
2020-Nov-05: andy  (82274k)
2020-Nov-04: sarai andy  (110720k)
2020-Oct-29: andy andre  (129920k)
2020-Oct-27: andy  (148740k)
2020-Oct-22: andy andre  (68438k)
2020-Oct-15: andre andy  (103703k)
2020-Oct-09: sarai andy  (146286k)
2020-Oct-08: andy andre  (139536k)
2020-Oct-04: andy cory  (97114k)
2020-Oct-04: andy  (87904k)
2020-Sep-28: andy andre  (119960k)
2020-Sep-28: andy  (19539k)
2020-Sep-26: andy sarai  (133370k)
2020-Sep-25: andy andre  (70172k)
2020-Sep-22: andy  (163656k)
2020-Sep-19: andy cory park  (156847k)
2020-Sep-17: andy andre  (127103k)
2020-Sep-15: andy  (186839k)
2020-Sep-10: andy andre  (105570k)
2020-Sep-06: andy cory  (72191k)
2020-Sep-06: andy  (90098k)
2020-Aug-30: andy  (127822k)
2020-Aug-25: andy sarai hybridninjam  (75298k)
2020-Aug-25: andy  (112855k)
2020-Aug-15: andy  (144689k)
2020-Aug-01: andy cory  (120442k)
2020-Jul-26: andy sarai  (166530k)
2020-Jul-18: andy sarai  (177937k)
2020-Jul-12: andy sarai ninjam  (173631k)
2020-Jul-04: andy sarai cory park  (114608k)
2020-Jun-28: andy sarai cory park  (90000k)
2020-Jun-20: andy sarai ninjam  (172182k)
2020-Jun-14: andy sarai ninjam  (158385k)
2020-Jun-13: andy ninjam  (107161k)
2020-Jun-07: andy sarai ninjam  (157954k)
2020-Jun-05: andy sarai ninjam  (116393k)
2020-May-31: andy sarai ninjam  (137020k)
2020-May-30: andy sarai ninjam  (61169k)
2020-May-25: andy sarai cory ninjam  (131072k)
2020-May-21: andy cory ninjam  (103816k)
2020-May-17: andy ninjam  (116972k)
2020-May-15: andy sarai cory ninjam  (124144k)
2020-May-09: andy sarai cory ninjam  (176831k)
2020-May-03: andy sarai ninjam  (144301k)
2020-Apr-28: andy sarai cory ninjam  (155827k)
2020-Apr-26: andy ninjam  (100687k)
2020-Apr-25: andy ninjam  (163387k)
2020-Apr-19: andy sarai ninjam  (122648k)
2020-Apr-18: andy sarai ninjam  (142549k)
2020-Apr-14: adara ninjam  (47652k)
2020-Apr-12: andy sarai ninjam  (147649k)
2020-Apr-11: andy ninjam  (83247k)
2020-Apr-09: andy sarai cory ninjam  (135358k)
2020-Apr-06: cory ninjam  (62291k)
2020-Apr-05: andy sarai ninjam  (125380k)
2020-Apr-04: andy ninjam  (58911k)
2020-Mar-31: sarai cory andy ninjam  (147469k)
2020-Mar-27: sarai ninjam  (15559k)
2020-Mar-27: andy sarai ninjam  (96686k)
2020-Mar-25: andy cory ninjam  (103765k)
2020-Mar-22: andy ninjam  (62568k)
2020-Mar-07: andy sarai cory  (185966k)
2020-Mar-05: andy andre igor  (125397k)
2020-Feb-29: andy sarai  (166994k)
2020-Feb-22: andy andre  (134738k)
2020-Feb-16: andy andre  (96794k)
2020-Feb-14: decanted youth live rocky sullivans  (80343k)
2020-Feb-12: andy sarai  (125016k)
2020-Jan-19: sarai andy  (171106k)
2020-Jan-18: andy andre  (155176k)
2020-Jan-12: sarai andy  (139487k)
2020-Jan-11: andy andre  (134221k)
2019-Dec-23: andy  (147836k)
2019-Dec-21: andre andy  (140627k)
2019-Dec-17: andy sarai  (168258k)
2019-Dec-12: dan  (55633k)
2019-Dec-07: andy andre  (154521k)
2019-Dec-01: andre andy  (143198k)
2019-Nov-30: andy  (125583k)
2019-Nov-25: andy andre  (91202k)
2019-Nov-23: andre mark francois jason lauren  (105129k)
2019-Nov-22: andy sarai  (169531k)
2019-Nov-14: andy andre  (111153k)
2019-Nov-10: andy sarai  (160939k)
2019-Oct-31: andy andre  (131216k)
2019-Oct-29: andy sarai  (143154k)
2019-Oct-24: andy  (36054k)
2019-Oct-22: andy andre  (118974k)
2019-Oct-21: andy sarai  (129809k)
2019-Oct-13: andre andy sarai and guests  (264975k)
2019-Oct-12: sarai andy  (248917k)
2019-Oct-10: andre andy  (107762k)
2019-Oct-08: sarai andy  (172853k)
2019-Oct-02: andy andre  (135636k)
2019-Sep-30: andy sarai  (187712k)
2019-Sep-24: sarai andy  (135243k)
2019-Sep-21: andy andre sarai peter mandy diwas  (133182k)
2019-Sep-20: andy sarai  (128568k)
2019-Sep-14: andy andre  (113981k)
2019-Sep-13: craig andy  (134124k)
2019-Sep-10: andy  (169567k)
2019-Sep-06: andy andre  (105036k)
2019-Sep-06: andy  (30531k)
2019-Sep-04: andy sarai  (129479k)
2019-Aug-30: andy sarai  (72401k)
2019-Aug-30: andy andre sarai lauren  (93101k)
2019-Aug-29: andy sarai  (186681k)
2019-Aug-25: andy andre  (92267k)
2019-Aug-16: sarai andy  (130851k)
2019-Aug-14: andy sarai andre  (160948k)
2019-Aug-08: sarai andy  (152316k)
2019-Aug-03: andy  (152278k)
2019-Jul-15: andy andre sarai  (125070k)
2019-Jul-14: sarai andy  (181463k)
2019-Jul-11: sarai andy  (147159k)
2019-Jul-08: andy sarai  (144438k)
2019-Jul-05: andy andre sarai  (122612k)
2019-Jul-02: andy andre  (136241k)
2019-Jun-27: andy andre sarai  (114156k)
2019-Jun-26: sarai andy  (168915k)
2019-Jun-21: yes exactly yes live at rocky sullivans  (91059k)
2019-Jun-21: decanted youth live at rocky sullivans  (74073k)
2019-Jun-20: andy andre  (93520k)
2019-Jun-19: andy sarai  (121299k)
2019-Jun-17: andy sarai  (125738k)
2019-Jun-11: andy sarai  (121459k)
2019-Jun-11: andy andre sarai  (119359k)
2019-May-30: sarai andy  (140603k)
2019-May-29: andy stephanie john  (26276k)
2019-May-29: andy andre  (119266k)
2019-May-27: andy  (154220k)
2019-May-23: andy andre  (134569k)
2019-May-14: andy sarai  (185670k)
2019-May-13: sarai andy  (158396k)
2019-May-11: andy andre sarai danielcarter markhennen  (140102k)
2019-May-09: andy  (86668k)
2019-May-09: andre andy  (79409k)
2019-May-03: sarai andy  (112096k)
2019-May-02: andy andre sarai newton  (182605k)
2019-Apr-30: andy cory  (80742k)
2019-Apr-30: andre andy  (83082k)
2019-Apr-27: jbm  (93108k)
2019-Apr-26: andy  (93866k)
2019-Apr-24: andre andy  (140823k)
2019-Apr-23: sarai andy  (193473k)
2019-Apr-18: andy  (119365k)
2019-Apr-16: sarai andy  (157655k)
2019-Apr-13: andy sarai  (160855k)
2019-Apr-11: andy andre  (138965k)
2019-Apr-05: andy  (140744k)
2019-Apr-02: andre andy cory anette  (153198k)
2019-Mar-27: andy andre cory  (157627k)
2019-Mar-25: sarai andy  (159383k)
2019-Mar-25: anette cory andre andy  (140394k)
2019-Mar-22: andy  (130246k)
2019-Mar-20: andre andy  (147528k)
2019-Mar-18: anette andy cory  (89846k)
2019-Mar-16: sarai andy  (152660k)
2019-Mar-14: andy sarai  (179650k)
2019-Mar-14: andre and kids  (109570k)
2019-Mar-10: andy sarai  (159969k)
2019-Mar-08: sarai andy  (164683k)
2019-Mar-06: andy sarai  (154313k)
2019-Feb-26: andy  (140230k)
2019-Feb-25: andre andy  (146809k)
2019-Feb-13: andy  (131558k)
2019-Feb-12: sarai andy  (186948k)
2019-Feb-11: andy sarai  (131648k)
2019-Jan-23: sarai andy  (117111k)
2019-Jan-18: andy sarai  (188294k)
2019-Jan-17: andre andy sarai  (147305k)
2019-Jan-12: andre cory  (99786k)
2019-Jan-11: sarai andy  (187303k)
2019-Jan-10: andre andy  (109309k)
2019-Jan-04: andy sarai  (175141k)
2019-Jan-02: andre andy  (104450k)
2018-Dec-19: sarai andy  (161386k)
2018-Dec-16: andre andy cory  (163521k)
2018-Dec-14: sarai andy  (179903k)
2018-Dec-07: andre andy  (128777k)
2018-Dec-01: sarai andy  (115639k)
2018-Nov-30: andy sarai cory andre  (153188k)
2018-Nov-30: andy sarai  (42117k)
2018-Nov-18: andy sarai  (182122k)
2018-Nov-11: andy sarai  (208159k)
2018-Nov-10: andre andy sarai cory  (207379k)
2018-Nov-07: sarai andy  (154366k)
2018-Nov-03: sarai andy  (178886k)
2018-Oct-30: andre  (33591k)
2018-Oct-28: andy sarai  (173284k)
2018-Oct-21: sarai andy andre  (188419k)
2018-Oct-17: andy andre  (162363k)
2018-Oct-16: sarai andy  (134762k)
2018-Oct-14: sarai andy  (123469k)
2018-Oct-11: andre  (75499k)
2018-Oct-05: andy sarai  (125448k)
2018-Oct-04: andy andre  (118876k)
2018-Sep-28: decanted youth live at rocky sullivans  (71549k)
2018-Sep-28: andy sarai jimmy  (53816k)
2018-Sep-25: andy andre  (132150k)
2018-Sep-21: andy sarai  (153975k)
2018-Sep-19: andy andre  (130818k)
2018-Sep-17: sarai andy  (166073k)
2018-Sep-14: sarai andy  (190290k)
2018-Sep-12: andy sarai  (64763k)
2018-Sep-12: andy andre sarai  (115769k)
2018-Sep-07: andy andre  (168561k)
2018-Sep-05: andy sarai  (154329k)
2018-Aug-26: andy sarai  (87489k)
2018-Aug-26: andre andy sarai cory  (135491k)
2018-Aug-25: andy sarai freeform  (151442k)
2018-Aug-22: andy andre  (103516k)
2018-Aug-21: andy sarai  (154411k)
2018-Aug-16: andy sarai  (164595k)
2018-Aug-15: andy andre  (101219k)
2018-Aug-12: andy sarai hav acoustic  (88210k)
2018-Aug-11: andy sarai hav  (123371k)
2018-Aug-05: andy andre lois  (130691k)
2018-Aug-03: andy sarai  (157203k)
2018-Jul-17: sarai andy  (124655k)
2018-Jul-15: andy anette cory  (127172k)
2018-Jul-13: decanted youth live at the bitter end  (56258k)
2018-Jul-12: andy sarai  (120508k)
2018-Jul-09: sarai andy  (132589k)
2018-Jul-07: andy anette andre cory  (145292k)
2018-Jul-03: andy sarai  (146600k)
2018-Jun-29: chris patd  (76318k)
2018-Jun-29: andy sarai  (122920k)
2018-Jun-23: andy  (169566k)
2018-Jun-19: sarai andy  (128310k)
2018-Jun-16: sarai andy  (107669k)
2018-Jun-10: andy  (160459k)
2018-May-25: sarai andy  (132258k)
2018-May-22: andy sarai  (115308k)
2018-May-16: andy  (135542k)
2018-May-12: cory andre andy grace laura  (186208k)
2018-May-10: sarai andy  (168953k)
2018-May-02: sarai andy  (126316k)
2018-Apr-24: ian  (35900k)
2018-Apr-22: andy sarai  (129736k)
2018-Apr-17: decanted youth live at pianos  (60087k)
2018-Apr-16: andy sarai  (109951k)
2018-Apr-14: sarai andy  (142379k)
2018-Apr-12: andy  (116995k)
2018-Apr-05: sarai andy  (138551k)
2018-Apr-03: andy sarai  (134859k)
2018-Mar-30: andy  (99245k)
2018-Mar-27: sarai andy  (141418k)
2018-Mar-23: sarai andy  (148117k)
2018-Mar-19: sarai andy  (137388k)
2018-Mar-16: sarai andy  (119692k)
2018-Mar-08: sarai andy  (114627k)
2018-Mar-06: andy  (137687k)
2018-Feb-20: sarai andy  (122036k)
2018-Feb-14: decanted youth live at pianos  (57373k)
2018-Feb-13: sarai andy  (114544k)
2018-Feb-11: sarai andy hav  (132752k)
2018-Feb-09: sarai andy  (121673k)
2018-Feb-05: sarai andy  (144015k)
2018-Feb-01: sarai andy  (122972k)
2018-Jan-17: andy  (48233k)
2018-Jan-12: andy sarai  (125107k)
2017-Dec-22: coryanetteandy acoustic  (71194k)
2017-Dec-20: andy  (150894k)
2017-Dec-15: andy sarai bethany  (122571k)
2017-Dec-13: andy  (156657k)
2017-Dec-04: andy sarai truncated  (62015k)
2017-Nov-30: andy sarai  (135492k)
2017-Nov-26: cory andre  (86404k)
2017-Nov-22: andy  (141443k)
2017-Nov-20: andy  (151986k)
2017-Nov-16: sarai andy  (143344k)
2017-Nov-03: andy sarai  (100194k)
2017-Oct-26: andy sarai  (116952k)
2017-Oct-25: ezequiel  (54162k)
2017-Oct-20: andy sarai  (121426k)
2017-Oct-09: andy sarai  (125607k)
2017-Oct-06: andy tiff  (111595k)
2017-Oct-01: andy anette andre cory  (93283k)
2017-Sep-29: andy sarai  (168497k)
2017-Sep-20: andy 2chris  (135982k)
2017-Sep-17: cory andre  (82154k)
2017-Sep-11: sarai andy  (154865k)
2017-Sep-10: anette andre cory  (149983k)
2017-Sep-05: andy  (137815k)
2017-Aug-25: andy andre anette cory  (110173k)
2017-Aug-18: andy sarai  (164266k)
2017-Aug-17: ninjam jordi MrRT mutant  (31838k)
2017-Aug-15: andy  (140290k)
2017-Aug-10: andy sarai  (136990k)
2017-Aug-08: ninjam with xz alfred flip bob retard divil viostrat  (35137k)
2017-Aug-06: cory andre anette  (90791k)
2017-Aug-02: andy  (111224k)
2017-Jul-30: cory anette  (117721k)
2017-Jul-15: cory andre anette  (98638k)
2017-Jul-12: andy sarai  (174245k)
2017-Jul-09: cory andre anette andy  (140247k)
2017-Jul-05: andy sarai  (149942k)
2017-Jun-30: andy  (159272k)
2017-Jun-25: cory andre anette  (145544k)
2017-Jun-15: andy  (171933k)
2017-Jun-07: andy tadzio  (138469k)
2017-May-23: andy tadzio  (105277k)
2017-May-19: andy neil  (130700k)
2017-May-16: tadzio andy  (92704k)
2017-May-13: andy  (102015k)
2017-May-05: andy tadzio  (99370k)
2017-Apr-28: sarai andy  (160356k)
2017-Apr-24: andy  (162120k)
2017-Apr-23: andre cory  (126765k)
2017-Apr-18: andy sarai  (193803k)
2017-Apr-15: cory andre anette  (112882k)
2017-Apr-14: andy  (159774k)
2017-Apr-08: andy  (136134k)
2017-Apr-07: cory  (64791k)
2017-Apr-07: andre  (71446k)
2017-Mar-28: andy sarai  (211533k)
2017-Mar-26: cory andre  (162317k)
2017-Mar-23: andy  (163994k)
2017-Mar-21: andy sarai  (123326k)
2017-Mar-19: cory andre anette andy  (127078k)
2017-Mar-16: andy  (176030k)
2017-Mar-11: cory andy  (181378k)
2017-Mar-07: sarai andy  (195309k)
2017-Mar-05: cory andre  (125670k)
2017-Feb-28: andy  (162025k)
2017-Feb-26: cory anette andre  (130316k)
2017-Feb-18: cory andre anette aubrey  (151553k)
2017-Feb-17: cory andy  (204889k)
2017-Feb-16: andy  (131339k)
2017-Feb-11: coryanetteandre  (134977k)
2017-Feb-10: andy  (190244k)
2017-Feb-04: andredoug  (88557k)
2017-Feb-03: andy  (157352k)
2017-Jan-27: cory anette andre  (110869k)
2017-Jan-27: andy  (139290k)
2017-Jan-18: andy  (20302k)
2017-Jan-14: andre  (91822k)
2017-Jan-10: andy  (126955k)
2017-Jan-04: andy  (160339k)
2016-Dec-17: cory andre anette  (115540k)
2016-Dec-16: andy  (163913k)
2016-Dec-09: andy tadzio  (136972k)
2016-Dec-03: andre anette  (80096k)
2016-Dec-02: andy  (183667k)
2016-Nov-27: biderman evan  (47620k)
2016-Oct-30: cory andre anette  (53057k)
2016-Oct-23: cory andre  (66682k)
2016-Oct-16: cory anette andre  (63664k)
2016-Oct-02: cory andre anette  (104905k)
2016-Sep-18: cory ben prospect park  (89041k)
2016-Sep-11: anette andre cory  (146217k)
2016-Sep-02: cory andre anette  (120753k)
2016-Aug-31: sarai  (133185k)
2016-Aug-28: andre anette cory  (116996k)
2016-Aug-21: andre cory anette  (181270k)
2016-Aug-13: andre cory anette  (147916k)
2016-Aug-07: andre anette cory  (134629k)
2016-Aug-03: christophe  (72744k)
2016-Jul-30: andre cory  (187070k)
2016-Jul-23: coryandre  (154160k)
2016-Jul-01: cory andre  (125901k)
2016-Jun-25: cory andre  (114041k)
2016-Jun-19: cory  (127167k)
2016-Jun-14: jimi  (85079k)
2016-Jun-01: coryethan  (152943k)
2016-May-29: coryandrejason  (202342k)
2016-May-10: cory anette  (85162k)
2016-May-07: sarai live at hotwood  (52284k)
2016-May-06: sarai  (73275k)
2016-May-03: sarai  (88993k)
2016-Apr-24: cory  (119845k)
2016-Apr-23: sarai  (93734k)
2016-Apr-19: cory anette  (67776k)
2016-Apr-17: 3choys  (148762k)
2016-Apr-16: sarai shane  (127745k)
2016-Apr-09: sarai shane  (67709k)
2016-Apr-08: cory anette  (48146k)
2016-Apr-06: cory libero  (111431k)
2016-Mar-06: cory  (139065k)
2016-Feb-27: cory  (128848k)
2016-Feb-13: cory  (139102k)
2016-Feb-08: loopering with cory at ss  (182000k)
2016-Jan-30: cory  (70148k)
2016-Jan-16: coryjasonandrejack  (149784k)
2016-Jan-10: cory  (96140k)
2015-Dec-13: cory atss  (73562k)
2015-Dec-06: cory jason  (109425k)
2015-Nov-22: cory  (186548k)
2015-Nov-14: cory  (169924k)
2015-Oct-11: jam with cory justin logan  (146634k)
2015-Sep-16: mini with cory  (10284k)
2015-Jan-14: alex jason  (29908k)
2014-Dec-06: very googleable v  (87129k)
2014-Jul-03: simon  (97981k)
2013-Oct-15: ezequiel  (144339k)
2013-Feb-18: herr grunig  (45378k)
2013-Jan-17: louie  (108699k)
2012-Nov-25: justinamyp  (61212k)
2012-Nov-06: ezequiel  (40782k)
2012-Aug-12: chr  (38099k)
2012-Aug-09: bren  (43086k)
2012-Jul-01: kevin  (21801k)
2012-May-23: remaincalmage  (7132k)
2012-Mar-05: company picnic  (82174k)
2012-Mar-02: christophe  (81361k)
2012-Mar-01: christophe  (54586k)
2012-Jan-24: wiener  (46777k)
2012-Jan-20: chris  (26455k)
2012-Jan-17: chris wr  (15966k)
2011-Aug-17: brennewt  (67424k)
2011-Jul-27: louie  (105417k)
2011-Jul-22: louie  (96381k)
2011-Jul-01: louie  (109507k)
2011-Jun-29: louie  (107417k)
2011-Jun-05: bren  (37250k)
2011-Apr-22: louie  (68406k)
2011-Apr-19: louie  (115927k)
2011-Apr-11: louie  (134177k)
2011-Apr-06: louie  (119149k)
2011-Mar-30: louie  (138191k)
2011-Mar-28: justins alex and guy  (96398k)
2011-Mar-09: louie  (20262k)
2011-Mar-01: louie  (125128k)
2011-Feb-23: louie in greenpoint  (91300k)
2010-Dec-07: brennewt  (117741k)
2010-Dec-04: newtchrtodd  (133434k)
2010-Dec-03: chr  (49537k)
2010-Dec-01: brennewt  (25689k)
2010-Sep-29: newtcrappydrums  (37928k)
2010-Sep-24: brenchradara  (115995k)
2010-Sep-16: chrvideo  (26461k)
2010-Sep-15: chrvideopoo  (17881k)
2010-Sep-15: bren  (22505k)
2010-Sep-13: chrvideo  (10974k)
2010-Sep-08: brennewtjoshnoj  (84288k)
2010-Aug-18: brennewt  (82149k)
2010-Aug-12: chr  (29478k)
2010-Aug-04: chr  (30878k)
2010-Jul-31: newt  (49476k)
2010-Jul-28: brennewtjoshnoj  (90270k)
2010-Jul-25: chr  (50756k)
2010-Jul-23: chrwiener  (80515k)
2010-Jul-21: newtbrenjosh  (192344k)
2010-Jul-19: newt  (41669k)
2010-Jul-12: brennewtjoshnoj  (85093k)
2010-Jul-02: chrwienerschwa  (141636k)
2010-Jun-30: brennewtfritznoj  (17414k)
2010-Jun-19: 100623 newtbrennoj  (119179k)
2010-Jun-14: brennewt  (147867k)
2010-Jun-08: newt  (66356k)
2010-Jun-04: newtbrenbiderman  (120257k)
2010-May-26: brennewt  (104974k)
2010-May-25: chr  (43840k)
2010-May-24: chr  (26822k)
2010-May-22: chrtodd  (123556k)
2010-May-19: brennewt  (45516k)
2010-May-15: brenchrnewtbiderman  (145907k)
2010-May-05: brennewtnoj  (41264k)
2010-May-01: wiener  (55259k)
2010-Apr-14: newtchrtodd  (100580k)
2010-Apr-12: chr  (37150k)
2010-Apr-10: newttombren  (34713k)
2010-Mar-31: brennewtnoj  (41110k)
2010-Mar-20: wiener  (35860k)
2010-Mar-09: newt  (45239k)
2010-Feb-17: brennewtnoj  (28784k)
2010-Feb-07: chr  (61751k)
2010-Feb-03: brennewt  (94426k)
2010-Feb-02: chr tele  (25190k)
2010-Jan-27: brennewt  (36967k)
2010-Jan-21: newt  (29978k)
2010-Jan-19: brennewtchr  (71519k)
2010-Jan-15: brenchr  (39938k)
2010-Jan-10: brennewtnoj  (72336k)
2010-Jan-06: brennewtnoj  (59993k)
2010-Jan-04: brenchr  (117117k)
2009-Dec-22: chr  (44825k)
2009-Dec-11: brennewt  (79634k)
2009-Dec-08: newt  (12835k)
2009-Dec-07: chr  (59575k)
2009-Nov-09: brennewtchr  (79879k)
2009-Nov-08: newtbider  (92081k)
2009-Nov-02: brennewtnoj  (53138k)
2009-Oct-28: brennewtnoj  (69591k)
2009-Oct-21: brennewt  (55318k)
2009-Oct-18: chr  (36278k)
2009-Oct-14: brennewt  (61773k)
2009-Oct-07: brennewtchr  (38212k)
2009-Sep-30: brennewt  (82288k)
2009-Sep-28: brenchrnewtadara  (133083k)
2009-Sep-25: brenchradara  (59909k)
2009-Sep-24: chradara  (55874k)
2009-Sep-24: brenadara  (111613k)
2009-Sep-23: brennewt noj  (75202k)
2009-Sep-17: wienerstack  (71005k)
2009-Sep-16: brennewt noj  (27653k)
2009-Sep-09: brennewtchr  (103786k)
2009-Sep-07: brenchr  (84430k)
2009-Sep-02: newtonvocalfun  (23849k)
2009-Sep-02: chrvocalfun  (8558k)
2009-Sep-01: brennewt noj  (74956k)
2009-Aug-30: newtchrjosh  (31285k)
2009-Aug-30: newtbider  (105793k)
2009-Aug-26: brennewt  (144268k)
2009-Aug-08: brennewt  (91006k)
2009-Aug-05: brennewt  (30179k)
2009-Aug-05: brennewt 4t  (5052k)
2009-Jul-25: bren2  (14307k)
2009-Jul-25: bren  (61247k)
2009-Jul-22: brennewt  (126083k)
2009-Jul-19: brennewt  (143807k)
2009-Jul-18: brennewt noj  (70461k)
2009-Jul-11: brennewt  (17462k)
2009-Jul-09: brennewt  (70614k)
2009-Jul-09: bren  (44384k)
2009-Jul-03: craigwiener  (181441k)
2009-Jun-30: wienerstack  (122537k)
2009-Jun-29: wiener  (65403k)
2009-Jun-12: 090626 brennewt noj  (271781k)
2009-Jun-08: craig  (131424k)
2009-Jun-03: newtonbday basu  (78220k)
2009-May-30: brennewt  (179895k)
2009-May-27: brennewt  (54852k)
2009-May-20: brennewt  (104127k)
2009-May-13: newtbren  (72708k)
2009-May-11: chr onmac  (24798k)
2009-May-06: newtonchrbrennangeoff noj  (196508k)
2009-Apr-22: 090429 brenchrnewt noj  (168416k)
2009-Apr-09: brenchr  (155559k)
2009-Mar-28: brennewt  (121726k)
2009-Mar-13: wienerstack  (115489k)
2009-Mar-03: brenchr  (212694k)
2009-Mar-01: newtbiderman  (135464k)
2009-Feb-25: chrnewtjosh  (98653k)
2009-Feb-22: schwachr  (172391k)
2009-Feb-20: chr  (73165k)
2009-Feb-19: chrtest  (21426k)
2009-Feb-18: brenchr Bcasted  (135045k)
2009-Feb-17: chr with projector  (32769k)
2009-Feb-16: brenchr  (72534k)
2009-Feb-15: christophe  (41018k)
2009-Feb-11: newtbren  (169351k)
2009-Feb-08: brennewtsteve  (74038k)
2009-Feb-07: bren  (69724k)
2009-Feb-05: bren  (98890k)
2009-Jan-29: wienerstackryan  (108291k)
2009-Jan-17: brennewt  (116519k)
2009-Jan-02: biderman  (55159k)
2008-Dec-21: biderman  (68727k)
2008-Dec-20: brencrypto  (182798k)
2008-Nov-24: dancraig  (151306k)
2008-Nov-15: prehoof brennewtcrypto  (61091k)
2008-Nov-13: brennan  (62541k)
2008-Nov-09: brennewt  (210774k)
2008-Nov-01: newtbiderman  (140449k)
2008-Oct-30: bren  (102479k)
2008-Oct-18: josh  (91106k)
2008-Oct-11: brennewtbider  (166579k)
2008-Oct-03: schwa  (16069k)
2008-Sep-28: brennewtjoshdan  (41124k)
2008-Sep-27: brenjoshdan  (126019k)
2008-Sep-16: brennewt solo  (44726k)
2008-Aug-23: brennewt  (126450k)
2008-Aug-21: bren  (118230k)
2008-Jul-28: newtchr  (62760k)
2008-Jul-25: chr  (29359k)
2008-Jul-23: brenchr  (150794k)
2008-Jul-20: brenbidernewt  (206368k)
2008-Jul-09: brennewt  (119398k)
2008-Jun-25: bren  (88426k)
2008-May-29: bren  (139549k)
2008-May-22: bren  (82138k)
2008-May-18: biderman  (60561k)
2008-Apr-02: brenbiderman  (43516k)
2008-Mar-29: brendan  (172831k)
2008-Mar-04: brennewtfrancis  (95619k)
2008-Mar-01: bren  (82797k)
2008-Feb-18: chrbrenmeb  (133686k)
2008-Feb-18: bren  (22003k)
2008-Feb-13: brennewt  (97688k)
2008-Feb-11: bren  (106884k)
2008-Jan-27: newtbider  (79005k)
2008-Jan-09: brennewtsteve  (98621k)
2008-Jan-01: biderman  (102853k)
2007-Dec-21: bren  (54832k)
2007-Dec-16: biderman  (120937k)
2007-Dec-06: newtbren  (157933k)
2007-Dec-05: brenshawn  (54976k)
2007-Nov-30: brenchrlast  (97355k)
2007-Nov-25: newtbiderman  (76319k)
2007-Nov-19: brenchr  (120046k)
2007-Nov-19: biderman  (20069k)
2007-Nov-07: newtbren  (98361k)
2007-Nov-06: brenchr  (108993k)
2007-Nov-04: biderman  (110319k)
2007-Nov-02: brenchr  (123207k)
2007-Oct-30: brenchr  (103862k)
2007-Oct-25: brenchr  (118502k)
2007-Oct-22: brenchr  (123859k)
2007-Oct-19: chr  (29946k)
2007-Oct-16: shawn  (34851k)
2007-Oct-15: brenchr  (127569k)
2007-Oct-14: bdayjambrenbidernewt  (85595k)
2007-Sep-26: bren  (83312k)
2007-Sep-25: brenchr  (117894k)
2007-Sep-25: bren little chr  (29252k)
2007-Sep-19: biderman  (43348k)
2007-Sep-18: brenchr  (105150k)
2007-Aug-31: brenchr  (105651k)
2007-Aug-27: newtonbryan  (11665k)
2007-Aug-21: brenchr  (130886k)
2007-Aug-15: brenchr  (125613k)
2007-Aug-13: brennan electronic stupidness  (199575k)
2007-Jul-30: newtbidermanchrarasteve  (101315k)
2007-Jul-30: brenchr  (94843k)
2007-Jul-25: chr  (56826k)
2007-Jul-22: biderman  (119229k)
2007-Jul-21: brenchrgermliquid  (223117k)
2007-Jul-11: brenchr3drums  (8292k)
2007-Jul-11: brenchr  (121009k)
2007-Jul-10: biderman  (35994k)
2007-Jul-09: chr covers  (74888k)
2007-Jul-01: newtbiderman  (132292k)
2007-Jun-19: brenchr  (134621k)
2007-Jun-16: kevchrnewsetup  (32935k)
2007-Jun-14: brenbiderman  (102888k)
2007-Jun-08: brenchrnobass  (73084k)
2007-Jun-06: newton  (102292k)
2007-Jun-02: brenchrfrancismig  (17392k)
2007-May-30: brenchr  (166465k)
2007-May-27: kevin  (99809k)
2007-May-08: brenchr  (89250k)
2007-May-04: newtbiderman  (65767k)
2007-May-02: chr  (24002k)
2007-Apr-30: brenchr  (104972k)
2007-Apr-25: brenchr  (108209k)
2007-Apr-12: brenchr  (142609k)
2007-Mar-29: chr  (37218k)
2007-Mar-27: chr  (27298k)
2007-Mar-27: brenchr  (60052k)
2007-Mar-25: newtbider  (19020k)
2007-Mar-24: brennewt  (101842k)
2007-Mar-14: brenchr  (166475k)
2007-Mar-11: kevbiderman  (119044k)
2007-Mar-03: chrnewt  (73754k)
2007-Mar-01: brenchr newamp  (196367k)
2007-Feb-21: brenchr  (170048k)
2007-Feb-07: brenchr  (115546k)
2007-Jan-31: brenchr  (172855k)
2007-Jan-29: chrdrum2  (24367k)
2007-Jan-28: biderchrkev  (183845k)
2007-Jan-25: brennewt  (111261k)
2007-Jan-22: brennewt  (130710k)
2007-Jan-14: craigbrenjoshdanchr  (123092k)
2007-Jan-11: brenchr  (122216k)
2007-Jan-08: bidersteve  (47169k)
2007-Jan-06: brenchr  (166548k)
2007-Jan-05: chr  (71948k)
2006-Dec-31: kevwienercraig  (138345k)
2006-Dec-28: biderman  (119787k)
2006-Dec-27: brenfritz  (107605k)
2006-Dec-20: fritz  (65051k)
2006-Dec-17: craig  (66274k)
2006-Dec-16: kevin  (45672k)
2006-Dec-05: brenchr  (182269k)
2006-Nov-25: brenjoshshawnjoncraignewt  (226431k)
2006-Nov-20: brenchr  (113157k)
2006-Nov-11: brennewtshort  (21799k)
2006-Nov-08: brenchrnewt  (96713k)
2006-Nov-07: kevin  (44193k)
2006-Oct-29: chr  (52682k)
2006-Oct-21: bidermanmoogfun  (52679k)
2006-Oct-19: kevin  (47631k)
2006-Oct-16: shawnjon  (58328k)
2006-Oct-14: birthdaypartypoo  (186113k)
2006-Oct-11: brenchr  (185851k)
2006-Oct-05: brenchr  (128183k)
2006-Oct-01: craig  (100681k)
2006-Sep-29: brenchrdan  (100103k)
2006-Sep-21: kevin  (21855k)
2006-Sep-20: brenchr  (237629k)
2006-Sep-18: brenchr  (81399k)
2006-Sep-17: brenbidernewtx2  (190468k)
2006-Sep-14: kevin  (100318k)
2006-Sep-13: newtnewtchr  (117081k)
2006-Sep-04: brenchrjosh  (47264k)
2006-Aug-30: brennewt  (104930k)
2006-Aug-23: chrnewtmayor  (116679k)
2006-Aug-16: brenchr  (142485k)
2006-Aug-13: craigbiderstetc  (142423k)
2006-Aug-07: brenchr  (107571k)
2006-Aug-06: bider  (101696k)
2006-Aug-02: brenchr  (121167k)
2006-Aug-01: brenkev  (132061k)
2006-Jul-19: brenchrnewt  (139283k)
2006-Jul-15: bidercraigstewart  (134433k)
2006-Jul-14: brenchr  (56974k)
2006-Jul-10: bidernewtchrcole  (130533k)
2006-Jul-03: chrnewt  (132944k)
2006-Jul-01: brennewt  (166356k)
2006-Jun-26: brenchr  (127790k)
2006-Jun-22: brenchr  (153258k)
2006-Jun-12: brenchrconcertforparents  (96666k)
2006-Jun-09: brenchrjonnewtbidermikewen  (136217k)
2006-Jun-08: brenchr  (168040k)
2006-May-27: brenewtchr  (33935k)
2006-May-22: brenchrfrancisjosh  (71913k)
2006-May-22: brenchr  (111244k)
2006-May-15: brenchr  (147020k)
2006-May-14: biderman  (89482k)
2006-May-13: newtonkevin  (20459k)
2006-May-13: brennewtkevcole  (122014k)
2006-May-04: chr  (73758k)
2006-Apr-29: brenbidercraig  (183658k)
2006-Apr-26: brenewtbider  (27511k)
2006-Apr-24: brenchr  (215542k)
2006-Apr-23: biderkevin  (85934k)
2006-Apr-17: brenchr  (167365k)
2006-Apr-05: robnewton  (96476k)
2006-Apr-02: kevinbrennan  (120630k)
2006-Mar-25: brenbidernewtonmayor  (285021k)
2006-Mar-21: brenchr  (151841k)
2006-Mar-16: brenchr  (65031k)
2006-Mar-11: bidercraig  (132373k)
2006-Mar-08: brenchr  (159252k)
2006-Mar-02: brenchr  (124903k)
2006-Feb-25: bangshmang  (608696k)
2006-Feb-23: brenchr  (121019k)
2006-Feb-19: newtbid  (118233k)
2006-Feb-15: newtbider  (59362k)
2006-Feb-01: brenchr  (106785k)
2006-Jan-22: brenbidercolekevincraigmikecurtis  (190067k)
2006-Jan-08: bidercoleianmore  (238767k)
2006-Jan-06: kevinnewtonfritz  (155058k)
2005-Dec-31: brenwienerkevin  (180485k)
2005-Dec-17: kevcraig  (77623k)
2005-Dec-16: brenchr  (212033k)
2005-Dec-07: brenchr  (119923k)
2005-Dec-04: brenbiderman  (143306k)
2005-Dec-01: brennan  (81630k)
2005-Nov-25: brenchr  (148909k)
2005-Nov-12: brenbidernewtoncoleausrob  (300678k)
2005-Nov-06: brenchr  (96334k)
2005-Oct-26: brenchr  (204867k)
2005-Oct-24: brenchr  (197535k)
2005-Oct-19: brenchr  (68468k)
2005-Oct-17: brenchr  (223992k)
2005-Oct-05: bren  (143535k)
2005-Oct-03: biderman pianoalmosttuned  (38871k)
2005-Oct-01: danjosh  (19786k)
2005-Sep-29: brenchrdanjoshnewton  (98514k)
2005-Sep-28: colebiderman  (91863k)
2005-Sep-28: brenchr  (113982k)
2005-Sep-27: brenchr  (138097k)
2005-Sep-20: brenfrancistoqer  (130101k)
2005-Sep-07: brenchr  (123184k)
2005-Sep-04: brenausjoshkevinbiderman  (338343k)
2005-Aug-31: brenchr  (120374k)
2005-Aug-23: brenchr  (155115k)
2005-Aug-17: kevin  (106476k)
2005-Aug-14: kevin  (91738k)
2005-Aug-10: kevin  (33493k)
2005-Jul-16: craigbiderman  (125670k)
2005-Jun-03: brenchr  (105526k)
2005-May-30: brenchrnewtondrunk  (87127k)
2005-May-20: kevcraig  (187378k)
2005-May-08: brencraigf  (100592k)
2005-May-02: brenchr  (123246k)
2005-Apr-30: bidermanian  (109585k)
2005-Apr-28: brenchr  (91391k)
2005-Apr-27: brenchr  (169245k)
2005-Apr-26: brenchr  (77344k)
2005-Apr-23: brenbidershawnstevesharon  (190303k)
2005-Apr-16: brenchr  (147343k)
2005-Apr-15: brenchr  (212718k)
2005-Apr-13: shawn  (111836k)
2005-Apr-12: brenchr  (216369k)
2005-Apr-08: brenbidernewton  (282706k)
    Apr 8, 2005
    Brennan, Biderman, Newton and I.
    Here is a playlist of highlights.

2005-Apr-07: brennan  (173199k)
2005-Apr-02: brenchr  (145188k)
2005-Mar-31: biderkevin  (113456k)
2005-Mar-30: brenchr  (169999k)
2005-Mar-24: brenchr  (155521k)
2005-Mar-19: brenbidernewtoncraig  (317075k)
    Mar 19, 2005
    Brennan, Newton, Biderman, Craig and I make this long (our new record) jam.
    Here is a playlist of the highlights.

2005-Mar-18: brenchr  (118680k)
    Mar 18, 2005
    CVB practices for a gig in a few months. song cuts

2005-Mar-15: brenchr  (147972k)
    Mar 15, 2005
    CVB practices for a gig in a few months. song cuts

2005-Mar-07: brenchrvince  (150651k)
2005-Mar-05: biderman  (75078k)
2005-Feb-19: brenbiderman  (173327k)
2005-Feb-16: bren  (41151k)
2005-Feb-05: brenchr  (160776k)
2005-Feb-03: brennan  (197942k)
2005-Feb-01: brennanbassfun  (75544k)
2005-Jan-22: kevincraigtoqer  (205425k)
2005-Jan-19: christophebrennan  (226302k)
2005-Jan-16: brenpeter  (140792k)
2005-Jan-12: brenchr  (205271k)
2005-Jan-08: kevincraig  (172722k)
2005-Jan-04: biderman  (136974k)
2004-Dec-31: davecraigkevinmaybefritz  (195342k)
2004-Dec-23: adarachrisbrennan  (210376k)
2004-Dec-21: cvbpractice  (176912k)
2004-Dec-19: biderman  (49624k)
2004-Dec-18: kevin  (92700k)
2004-Dec-03: biderman  (102266k)
2004-Nov-30: brenchr  (147129k)
2004-Nov-22: brennan  (162975k)
2004-Nov-19: bren  (61257k)
2004-Nov-04: chrbrennan  (167434k)
2004-Nov-04: chrbren2  (11838k)
2004-Oct-23: brennan  (239525k)
2004-Oct-15: christophe  (65770k)
2004-Oct-08: biderman  (88736k)
2004-Oct-01: biderman  (117841k)
2004-Sep-30: brenfun  (113779k)
2004-Sep-26: brenchrnewton  (86622k)
2004-Sep-24: brenchrmom  (159427k)
2004-Sep-15: brenchr  (191394k)
2004-Sep-12: kevin  (114567k)
2004-Sep-03: brennanfrancis  (154173k)
2004-Aug-30: davechrfr  (192970k)
2004-Aug-25: brenchrfrancisgerm  (214452k)
2004-Aug-20: brennan chr 2  (81493k)
2004-Aug-20: brennan  (198880k)
2004-Aug-19: christophe  (81244k)
2004-Aug-08: biderman  (113676k)
2004-Aug-06: brenchr  (165204k)
2004-Jul-28: kevinchr  (88170k)
2004-Jul-18: brenchr  (146065k)
2004-Jun-28: christophe  (29487k)
2004-Jun-27: biderman  (111104k)
2004-Jun-23: longbrenchr  (178579k)
2004-Jun-17: shawn  (73572k)
2004-Jun-14: jesusonicjam  (20405k)
2004-Jun-09: brenchr  (141089k)
2004-Jun-07: davedarinsteve  (108595k)
2004-Jun-02: kevin  (98310k)
2004-May-29: shawnjason  (45724k)
2004-May-29: sakedaverob  (74194k)
2004-May-19: shawn  (91841k)
2004-May-13: brenchr  (93914k)
2004-Apr-27: brenchr  (153157k)
2004-Apr-21: brennanchristopheircppl  (155710k)
2004-Apr-17: bidermanjam  (111706k)
2004-Apr-12: BRENNANjesusballs  (128999k)
    Apr 12, 2004 (89:34)
    Yes! Me and brennan.

2004-Apr-08: brennanddt  (17958k)
    Apr 8, 2004 (12:28)
    Brennan and I get down hard. woot.

2004-Mar-28: kevin  (69985k)
    Mar 28, 2004 (48:36)
    Kevin finally comes over for the first time in like 6 months. Yay.

2004-Mar-27: bidermanmargaritas  (116537k)
    Mar 27, 2004 (80:55)
    Biderman and I, after having margaritas next door, jam some. We make some
    decent sounding shit, but I later find out that I had dissed my lovely
    girlfriend. Damned alcohol clouding my already shite judgment. There are
    some good things in here, however. I think this also marks the first jam with
    new drum heads on the drums.

2004-Mar-25: brennan  (63183k)
    Mar 25, 2004 (43:52)
    Brennan comes over and we play a lot, Brennan works out a riff for a new song,
    I think.

2004-Mar-21: danamaxbrennan  (154069k)
    Mar 21, 2004 (106:59)
    Brennan, and his half-brother Max who is visiting come over to jam.
    Dana, an old friend of mine from days past, also joins us later on.
    Chaos is the result.

2004-Mar-15: terriblewithbiderman  (153530k)
    Mar 15, 2004 (106:37)
    This one is me and Biderman, though things dont seem to work out well.

2004-Mar-11: brennanbidermancutoff  (39047k)
    Mar 11, 2004 (27:06)
    Brennan and Biderman come over and jam, then we run out of disk space, oops.
    We kept jamming for another hour without realizing it.

2004-Mar-10: brenron  (99803k)
    Mar 10, 2004 (69:18)
    This adhoc jam is with the current lineup of "Consume, Vagina Boy!!!" (though
    we rotated a bit for the second half)

2004-Feb-20: stevesharonsimonbiderman  (25697k)
    Feb 20, 2004 (17:50)
    This shorter jam is with Steve, Sharon, Simon and Biderman.

2004-Feb-20: jamesimonbiderman  (124988k)
    Feb 20, 2004 (86:47)
    This jam was with Simon, James, and Biderman.

2004-Feb-03:   big terrible jam  (159461k)
    Feb 3, 2004 (110:44)
    This jam was huge and terrible and had a ton of various people.

2004-Jan-25: brennan  (96465k)
    Jan 25, 2004 (66:59)
    Me and Brennan go at it more. Planning the band, too, haha.

2004-Jan-21: biderman  (61856k)
    Jan 21, 2004 (42:57)
    A shorter jam with Biderman, a few hours before the big drunken one of
    the same date.

2004-Jan-21: 22 drunkenstuporbig unedited  (162841k)
    Jan 21, 2004 (113:05)
    A big drunken terrible jam with Brennan, Christophe, Jonathan, Steve, and me.

2004-Jan-19: biderman  (92946k)
    Jan 19, 2004 (64:32)
    Me and Biderman. No comment.

2004-Jan-12: longwithbren  (211588k)
    Jan 12, 2004 (146:56)
    Brennan and I have a nice bit of jam, with toast. Bits of this became
    the album "Brennan and Justin Start 2004". Ha ha.

2004-Jan-11: brenandoishere  (75452k)
    Jan 11, 2004 (52:23)
    Brennan and I play a bit.

2003-Dec-04: morefritz  (12417k)
    Dec 4, 2003 (8:47)
    A supertiny jam with Fritz, before we get donuts.

2003-Dec-03: fritz  (201168k)
    Dec 3, 2003 (139:42)
    Fritz and I give a performance from our hearts, and we are joined by Dave
    Newton near the end.

2003-Dec-02: wifshawn  (64932k)
    Dec 2, 2003 (45:05)
    Shawn comes over, we play some (and talk on cel phones).

2003-Dec-01: newtonbiderman  (144422k)
    Dec 1, 2003 (100:17)
    Dave Newton and me, and near the end, Biderman too. HOT SAX ACTION.

2003-Nov-19: biderman feces  (133713k)
    Nov 19, 2003 (92:51)
    We start out with me on drums, biderman on guitar. Then we switch and make
    some terrible terrible music with terrible terrible offensive vocals.

2003-Nov-17:   biderman  (95787k)
    Nov 17, 2003 (66:31)
    Ist Ze Jam Wit Biderman e Y0.

2003-Nov-15: brennankushner  (137793k)
    Nov 15, 2003 (95:41)
    Brennan, special guest David K, and me. fun fun. until it gets bad.
    has such quality hits as "Shut Your Mouth". and more!

2003-Nov-10: scottandbider  (93448k)
    Nov 10, 2003 (64:53)
    Bubba, Biderman, and me. Bubba's rockin the bass.

2003-Nov-08: biderman  (28745k)
    Nov 08, 2003 (19:57)
    Biderman on drums, me on bass, yo.

2003-Nov-07: biderman  (35594k)
    Nov 07, 2003 (24:43)
    A short one of me and biderman, biderman playing with the metronomeheadphones,
    me with delay. earlier we did some fun delay on the drum tracks, but didnt
    record it.

2003-Oct-30: brennanbiderman  (54808k)
    Oct 30, 2003 (38:03)
    Me and Biderman and Brennan, after seeing Primus. I for one was feeling like
    shit, so my parts suck. heh.

2003-Oct-27: biderman  (67525k)
    Oct 27, 2003 (46:53)
    Me and Biderman, before going to see Kill Bill.

2003-Oct-24: bidermancole  (190360k)
    Oct 24, 2003 (132:11)
    Biderman and Dave Cole, and me, too.

2003-Oct-01: dennis  (88175k)
    Oct 01, 2003 (61:13)
    Dennis is in town, we get down. He can sing, too. But most of it's pretty lame. :)

2003-Sep-29:   brennanfun  (114593k)
    Sep 29, 2003 (79:34)
    Brennan comes over to jam a bit.

2003-Sep-24: minibiderman2  (54314k)
    Sep 24, 2003 (37:43)
    A short jam with Biderman. Good stuff, though.

2003-Sep-16: ianrob  (136086k)
    Sep 16, 2003 (94:30)
    Ian and Rob come rock the house. Woot.

2003-Sep-16: biderman  (83344k)
    Sep 16, 2003 (94:30)
    Biderman and I, later in the day, rock the house. Errrr...

030904  (48467k)
    Sep 4, 2003 (100:58)
    Brennan, Biderman, and me again. Same recording crap as 8/28, but this time
    20 minutes into it there's an earthquake. Listen to us phear it.

030828  (47783k)
    Aug 28, 2003 (99:32)
    Brennan, Biderman, and me play for a bit until Steve and Sharon arrive.
    This was recorded via video camera into AAC for a stream, then converted to
    64k MP3, so it might sound a bit on the shitty side.  Brennan plays the bassline
    to "three days" and I try (and fail miserably) to learn the guitar for it.

2003-Aug-22: biderman  (139582k)
    Aug 22, 2003 (96:55)
    Me and Biderman. Near the end has some creepy slide guitar shit, too.

2003-Aug-19: ianandrob  (49160k)
    Aug 19, 2003 (34:08)
    Rob and Ian stop by, word.

2003-Aug-18: biderman joel  (94631k)
    Aug 18, 2003 (65:42)
    Biderman and his friend Joel come over. Joel plays drums. Better than either
    of us, too, even after 4 years away. Heh.

2003-Aug-06: kevinmorebad  (134552k)
    Aug 6, 2003 (93:26)
    A longer jam (me and kevin), with guest appearances (marvin?).

2003-Aug-05: bidermancrap  (33584k)
    Aug 5, 2003 (23:19)
    Biderman tests out the new drum mics. You can't really tell cause of the
    mononess, but they are better.

2003-Aug-04: 1 withkevin  (10517k)
    Aug 4, 2003 (7:18)
    A short little mini jam with kevin, testing out the new drum mics.

030801  (58351k)
    Aug 1, 2003 (121:33)
    Biderman, me.

030730  (22208k)
    Jul 30, 2003 (46:15)
    Pat comes for a quick jam/visit when he's in town,
    then we go play poker.

030719  (49839k)
    Jul 19, 2003 (103:49)
    Me and Biderman and Brennan, woot.

030718  (34208k)
    Jul 18, 2003 (71:15)
    Me and Biderman, I think...

2003-Jul-03: arranging disaster with adara  (47565k)
030702  (60223k)
    Jul 2, 2003 (125:27)
    Adara comes to visit, Brennan comes over, we all jam. And have some sushi
    in between.

030701  (32447k)
    Jul 1, 2003 (67:35)
    Hmm this one sucks. It's me and Kevin. It wasn't Kevin's fault.

030625  (41359k)
    Jun 25, 2003 (86:09)
    A good jam, that starts out with me and Biderman, but once we bitch
    about wanting a third person, Brennan shows up. yay.

030616  (8495k)
    Jun 16, 2003 (17:41)
    A short little minijam with me and Biderman.

030601  (26751k)
    Jun 1, 2003 (55:43)
    This one (of me and Biderman?) has some good parts. 15:00 is pretty

030524  (34208k)
    May 24, 2003 (71:15)
    Biderman comes over on a saturday to make this one? Werd.

030522  (21983k)
    May 22, 2003 (45:47)
    This one is probably just me and Kevin.

030508  (22815k)
    May 8, 2003 (47:31)
    Alex, Pat, Chris A., and me. Yeah! After sake consumption around
    the corner. Pat does some covers of some songs, which are pretty
    scary. My favorite part is probably at 41:25 or so.

030507  (36063k)
    May 7, 2003 (75:07)
    Me and Biderman makin some shit. And talking about 24 in there

030418  (40943k)
    Apr 18, 2003 (85:17)
    In our first jam on the new stage in the garage (pictured at the top):
    Christophe + Biderman + me. Leetness follows.

030223  (90467k)
    Feb 23, 2003 (188:28)
    Francis, Brennan, and me one afternoon, in true old NSband style.

030201  (44971k)
    Feb 1, 2003 (93:41)
    Brennan Francis and me in the SHOUTcast lounge.

030120  (44532k)
    Jan 20, 2003 (92:46)
    Kevin, Francis, Biderman (in the second half), and me. SHOUTcast lounge.
    Guest star: MIG (see 65:00).

021115  (57319k)
    Nov 15, 2003 (119:25)
    The third NSband practice! Christophe, Francis, Brennan, and me. Werd.
    Brennan actually does some good rapping in here (at about 87:00). Really.

021015  (28858k)
    Oct 15, 2003 (60:07)
    The second NSband practice. Biderman, Christophe, Francis, Brennan, and me.

020915  (16433k)
    Sep XX 2002 (34:14)
    The first NSband practice ever!!! No real drums, even!
    The full gang, even Jonathan and Denny. The best ever.
    MIG, Biderman, Christophe, Francis, Brennan too.

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