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2022-Apr-19: super8  (56199k)
2022-Mar-15: super8  (46074k)
2022-Mar-03: super8 standing  (38974k)
2022-Mar-03: play some songs  (24696k)
2022-Feb-04: outside stinson  (19722k)
2022-Jan-05: beatbuddy new monitor  (21060k)
2021-Dec-02: super8 bari  (28705k)
2021-Oct-25: super8 7string  (57385k)
2021-Oct-15: super8 debian11  (34853k)
2021-Sep-19: super8 short  (14519k)
2021-Sep-16: alone with a footdrum  (30229k)
2021-Sep-07: alone with a footdrum  (25395k)
2021-Sep-03: alone with a footdrum  (20438k)
2021-Aug-26: super8  (53587k)
2021-Aug-24: alone with a footdrum  (28688k)
2021-Jul-27: super8  (45871k)
2021-Jul-25: super8  (45830k)
2021-Jun-16: super8  (49418k)
2021-Jun-09: super8 failure multiples  (48450k)
2021-Jun-01: super8  (32857k)
2021-May-04: super8  (57347k)
2021-Apr-01: super8  (53059k)
2021-Feb-22: super8  (43435k)
2021-Feb-08: super8  (53855k)
2021-Jan-26: super8  (41657k)
2021-Jan-11: super8  (57488k)
2020-Dec-18: super8 maybe all  (46743k)
2020-Dec-15: super8 desktop  (49937k)
2020-Nov-30: super8  (48340k)
2020-Nov-12: super8 motion sickness  (29095k)
2020-Nov-02: super8  (59502k)
2020-Oct-02: super8  (43503k)
2020-Sep-08: super8 phone  (51856k)
2020-Aug-05: super8 terrible  (47454k)
2020-Jul-20: super8  (56028k)
2020-May-11: super8  (48560k)
2020-Mar-18: super8 panic marathon  (73325k)
2020-Mar-15: super8 distance  (56076k)
2020-Mar-11: super8 cancel everything  (20152k)
2020-Mar-03: super8  (67069k)
2020-Feb-27: super8 no focus  (48608k)
2019-Feb-16: super8 head  (19239k)
2019-Feb-10: super8  (41175k)
2018-Oct-11: super8  (39029k)
2018-Oct-01: super8  (47961k)
2018-Sep-26: super8 cocktail  (27753k)
2018-Sep-10: super8 posture  (55710k)
2018-Aug-08: super8 glue drying  (66302k)
2018-Jul-25: super8 sax  (59399k)
2018-Jul-19: super8  (48291k)
2018-Jun-13: super8  (59203k)
2018-May-24: super8  (67731k)
2018-May-07: super8  (54354k)
2018-Apr-25: super8  (44202k)
2018-Apr-11: super8 stemsy  (41489k)
2018-Apr-09: super8  (52485k)
2018-Mar-20: super8 multichannel  (58335k)
2018-Feb-08: super8  (78837k)
2018-Jan-17: super8 at showdown9  (81152k)
2018-Jan-14: super8  (88031k)
2018-Jan-10: super8  (84193k)
2018-Jan-07: super8 short  (23748k)
2017-Dec-31: super8 nye  (48989k)
2017-Dec-18: super8 stereo  (92183k)
2017-Dec-11: super8  (101164k)
2017-Dec-06: super8  (81034k)
2017-Nov-30: super8 quick  (19915k)
2017-Nov-28: super8 multicam  (44587k)
2017-Nov-26: super8  (50862k)
2017-Nov-15: super8 keep going  (63917k)
2017-Nov-08: super8 sore  (37695k)
2017-Nov-01: super8 or something  (55151k)
2017-Oct-20: super8 again  (38404k)
2017-Oct-19: super8 reversion  (40966k)
2017-Oct-16: super8 carby  (48720k)
2017-Sep-28: super8 second try eh  (53242k)
2017-Sep-13: super8 dreams past  (63184k)
2017-Sep-07: super8 success  (54104k)
2017-Sep-04: super8 mobetta  (24170k)
2017-Sep-03: super8 software error  (23143k)
2017-Jul-18: super8 practice  (47779k)
2017-Jun-28: thanks a lot wmis super8  (38482k)
2017-Jun-03: recordings at the beach  (20190k)
2017-May-08: ahoy super8  (33004k)
2017-Jan-31: super8 xuck a duck  (51606k)
2017-Jan-26: angry super8  (38845k)
2017-Jan-18: super8 live at brooklyn bowl  (82995k)
2017-Jan-16: super8 final practice  (50590k)
2017-Jan-14: super8 selfrec  (27738k)
2017-Jan-11: super8 ok  (40923k)
2017-Jan-09: failure is an option  (65484k)
2017-Jan-06: super8 headphoneless  (50946k)
2017-Jan-02: super8 newness  (48665k)
2016-Dec-31: super8 nynyny  (77065k)
2016-Dec-28: super8 failing the day away  (43581k)
2016-Dec-24: super8 rough start  (35847k)
2016-Dec-21: super8 shorty  (35405k)
2016-Dec-17: super8 live buggage  (63212k)
2016-Dec-13: super8 practice  (61637k)
2016-Dec-07: super8 jam  (56530k)
2016-Dec-03: super8 more  (45271k)
2016-Nov-17: super8 solo again  (21635k)
2016-Nov-14: super8 and spectral hold  (30193k)
2016-Oct-17: super8 minimal  (46175k)
2016-Sep-29: made to lie glitch super8 jams  (16143k)
2016-Sep-20: live super8ing the day  (25255k)
2015-Oct-01: what to do on the floor live  (4242k)
2015-Oct-01: awful chaos live  (7290k)
2015-Sep-28: two loud and crunchy 02  (11973k)
2015-Sep-28: two loud and crunchy 01  (10887k)
2015-Sep-27: broken blahls live  (4621k)
2015-Sep-25: take me away live  (11036k)
2015-Sep-25: live recordings kept down 07  (9888k)
2015-Sep-25: live recordings kept down 06  (8049k)
2015-Sep-25: live recordings kept down 05  (7113k)
2015-Sep-25: live recordings kept down 04  (11512k)
2015-Sep-25: live recordings kept down 03  (5853k)
2015-Sep-25: live recordings kept down 02  (6343k)
2015-Sep-25: live recordings kept down 01  (6990k)
2015-Sep-23: yet another blah live  (8451k)
2015-Sep-23: three live for periscope region 03  (4419k)
2015-Sep-23: three live for periscope region 02  (4942k)
2015-Sep-23: three live for periscope region 01  (6117k)
2015-Sep-23: terrible lack of live  (17125k)
2015-Sep-23: ok less bad live  (7657k)
2015-Sep-23: number323 live  (5017k)
2015-Sep-23: four short ones live 04  (4313k)
2015-Sep-23: four short ones live 03  (5670k)
2015-Sep-23: four short ones live 02  (5449k)
2015-Sep-23: four short ones live 01  (4214k)
2015-Sep-22: more super8 2  (12730k)
2015-Sep-22: more super8 1  (12631k)
2015-Sep-21: super8jsfx tests live 05  (5392k)
2015-Sep-21: super8jsfx tests live 04  (8273k)
2015-Sep-21: super8jsfx tests live 03  (5911k)
2015-Sep-21: super8jsfx tests live 02  (2923k)
2015-Sep-21: super8jsfx tests live 01  (9025k)
2015-Sep-20: newlooperfun  (3380k)
2015-Sep-19: live late song1  (9950k)
2015-Sep-19: latesong2  (12321k)
2015-Sep-18: two ways to live pt2  (10156k)
2015-Sep-18: two ways to live pt1  (6758k)
2015-Sep-18: dl4 abuse  (1822k)
2015-Sep-18: alone alive maybe  (6241k)
2015-Sep-18: rigsetuptest  (1596k)
ARCH: 180320_super8_multichannel.zip (418606k)
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